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Author: Subject: "The Shortage of Humans "
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[*] posted on 7.9.2018 at 11:28 PM
"The Shortage of Humans "

Mohammed from SA said (July 9, 2018):

Its quite hypocritical to see so may westerners, most of whom it seems are white, who are not happy to see the influx of dark skinned refugees from poorer countries. you guys are upset about this but i dont see you making as big a fuss about the fact that all colonial powers have "agreements"in place which see billions of dollars worth of precious metals & minerals & other resources flowing into your countries from Africa etc.

you want the riches of other countries which help to make your countries prosperous but u dont want the people of the lands where it comes from in your lands?

you can give all the reasons/excuses/justifications but u cannot deny that this is unfair.
you all know what tactics your governments employ to secure what belongs to their nations. they use your militaries & even mercenaries to ensure that they can get whatever they want for free or very cheap- they dictate the prices.
they turn these countries into hell-holes and then use the banks, IMF,BIS etc to give them loans to develop infrastructure when they know they have installed corrupt puppet regimes who will eat up the money & this ensures that these countries remain forever indebted to the Zionist imperialists.

to say that these countries arent colonies anymore & have been given their independence is a joke- they are independent only on paper.

yes, i agree that theres a lot of problems created for ordinary westerners who havent really done anything wrong but what about all the ordinary Africans & other poor peoples who also havent done anything to deserve living in hell-holes?

if u had to be born in such lands, wouldnt you also look for greener pastures because u know theres no hope of bringing stability & prosperity to your country despite its abundant natural & mineral resources...because its precisely due to the presence of these resources that the west is raping & looting your lands?

then theres the issue of birth rates- what is stopping you whites from having more children?
you enjoy a much higher standard of living than the rest of the world & can very easily afford to have more kids but due your selfishness & desire to "enjoy life", u dont have kids or have just one. then u point at these poor nations with high birth rates- these people may be poor but they arent selfish & if your govts & militaries left them alone, they would have no need to become refugees in your lands.

you are ensuring the decline of the white population due to YOUR OWN actions. it seems most of you would rather have pets instead of children- theyre much lower maintenance & have much shorter lives. they allow u to to live selfishly while giving u the opportunity to experience a sort of parenthood.

i know that the Zionists want to use these foreigners to make a mess of white nations but it also a FACT that without these people, many white nations will not have a big enough workforce in the next few generations.

and that line about "culture, heritage, tradition, which includes language, dress, customs, art, cuisine, and more"
you expect these people to come to your lands & just give up their own culture & traditions?
actually, in most of the wealthier white nations, theres no real culture...its just homos. lesbians, pedos, feminists, single mums & lots of drugs & alcoholism.

many whites STILL support Zionists & Israel unconditionally despite the fact that its ultimately these parasites who are behind all this mayhem.

i could say much more but whats needed is for the comments from whites to be balanced, fair & unbiased.


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[*] posted on 7.15.2018 at 07:16 PM
China's Debt Trap Strategy(or debt trap diplomacy)

personal note:
I first ran across this from an Australian Newspaper. "China's Debt Trap Diplomacy" (on the internet) I did more research and found that this strategy is being used against 70 nations ranging from the South Pacific to central Asia to Africa to Eastern Europe. China is taking advantage of poorer nations.

part of an article:

According to Dr Malcolm Davis, senior analyst in defence strategy and capability at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, China is mainly targeting poorer countries and employing a “debt-trap strategy”.

Dr Davis told the trillion-dollar project basically forces other countries to align themselves with it.

“It gets countries — particularly poorer countries — hooked on debts they can’t pay back,” he said. “When they can’t pay it back, China basically grabs ports, facilities or territory. It’s a debt-trap strategy.

“It services their need in terms of accessing resources, sustaining contacts and national development, and maintaining that ‘China Dream’. It’s really vital for the Communist Party to maintain prosperity if they want to maintain power.”

He used Sri Lanka as a key example.

Last year, the island nation was forced to hand over a port to companies owned by the Chinese government last year after falling into more than $1 billion in debt.

The deal was signed between two state firms — the Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) and China Merchants Port Holdings — allowing the state-owned Chinese company to lease the port for 99 years.


I'd raised this issue about African countries receiving these Chinese loans a few years ago on this web-site.
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[*] posted on 7.15.2018 at 10:28 PM

After a year of bad soybean crop, the farmers decided to have the seed scientifically tested by researchers at Mississippi State University. It turns out the seed they were given wasn’t the quality “certified” seed they were promised and had paid for. Test results showed zero germination on the seeds, with samples showing rotten molded seed.

Makes Ya think

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