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Author: Subject: Oh Sh*t, I can't pee!....I need help!
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[*] posted on 4.18.2016 at 01:55 PM
Oh Sh*t, I can't pee!....I need help!

A personal story about BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia)

long story short......I took a plane trip from Las Vegas, Nevada to Dallas, Texas (non-stop) a two hour flight is not really when I exited the plane and made a b-line to the nearest men's restroom I had no doubt I'll be able to empty the contents in my bladder.
But a little thing happened.
Only a few drops came out while standing in front of the urinal. (Oops!)
I tried again 10 minutes later, same result....and the pressure was increasing during this time. I made it to my relatives home in Fort Worth, Texas. This same non-sense continued for another 3 to 4 hours. Then the realization hit me.....Emergency Room, here I come!

It didn't take me long to be seen....once I filled out a short sheet of paper stating that "I could not pee" .....they had me talking to the triage nurse within 15 minutes.
blood pressure....203 over 120
pulse .....114 beats per minute
your pain level from 1 to 10, 10 being the greatest.......Eleven!

nurse: Come this way sir, we have an examination room for you.(with 4 walls and a door)

after switching clothes to "pretend pajama's" a technician walked in with a small machine.
Hello Sir, said the young woman....I'm here to do a bladder ultra-sound.
Oh, Okay, I said...
lifted my Pj's while lying on my back. She used a little KY jelly and placed it on two spots where my bladder is located. Then apply a surfaced probe.
Two minutes later, she says.
Well Mr. Hagler, you have about a 1,000 ml's in your bladder.
me: WHAT?!?
Yeah, about 3 and half times more for a guy your age. I'll report this immediately to the doctor.

The doc walks in explain the situation, papers were signed, and a man(nurse) inserted a rubber tube up my penis and into my bladder.
Yeap, 750 ml's came out be followed by another 200 ml's 10 minutes later.
Blood was drawn and urine samples for testing. another 20 minutes pass....during this time I used my pocket computer (android phone) and looked up BPH.

Instead of me explaining everything, click on this address and go through the slides. (total 20)

The good news, there are medical treatments and surgical treatments for this. I'll be seeing my Urologist real soon.

and its more common among males over 60 than I thought.
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[*] posted on 4.18.2016 at 02:54 PM


The crap that can go on inside your body. :smh:

Oh! That can kill you.

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[*] posted on 4.26.2016 at 02:24 AM
Upon seeing the the Primary Doctor

Tamsulosin (pronounced tam-SOO-loe-sin) 0.4 mg capsules (also known as FLOMAX)

Take ONE per day, preferably before you go to sleep. (for me around 10 to 11 pm)

what does this fancy sounding drug do?

the problem.....

This 63 year old man has an enlarged prostate, a small organ that sits underneath the bladder in which two tubes, one for urine and the other, semen, can pass through. I am unfortunate enough to have this gland grow large enough to the point that it cuts off urine flow. That Sucks by the way And it will continue to grow for the rest of my life! Now that really sucks!
A thing called "body chemistry"....where unused Testosterone is converted to DHT.....and thus helps this little gland to increase in size.

Now this is my understanding......SOLUTION!?!

Well, there are medication for this AND about a half dozen surgical procedures if medicine doesn't work. Most surgical procedures are 24 hour affairs. (out-patient clinics and the like)

So my first two weeks were spent taking this "Flomax" and an antibiotic with a rubber tube up my bladder/penis with a 32 ounce bag tied to my leg. Least to say I was NOT a happy camper.

Once the tube was removed....I went to the nearest supermarket and bought....CRANBERRY JUICE!

I've did more reading on "Flomax" its a alpha-blocker used for my condition BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia)

my understanding of a "Alpha-Blocker"

with the help of WebMD and Google's other articles on the subject.
What does this "Alpha-Blocker"......blocks?
Epinephrine and Nor-epinephrine....these two natural chemicals in your body causes your blood vessels to constrict and smooth muscles contract.
So....It relaxes the muscles in the bladder and prostate and allow the urine to flow. AND its shrinks the prostate over time.:ty:

THE EFFECTS, side effects......the fun part, maybe!

I also have high blood pressure, like 203 over 114 during the incident.
so one.....relaxes the smooth muscles around the bladder. lowers my blood pressure to normal, like 116 over 84. makes a great sleeping pill, deep sleep at night. It also makes one dizzy and light-headed during the day.
My solution.....two cups of coffee per day. small cup about 6 ounces once in the morning and one in the afternoon.

last and not least.....since it relaxes smooth muscles around the bladder and also relaxes the smooth muscles around my PENIS to allow for more blood flow....thus, a Strong Erection!
(it makes my girlfriend have a quicker orgasm) she's happy :cucumber:

If this happens, contact your doctor right away!

Well, so far, so good.....just a strong erection so far.:yes:
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