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Author: Subject: MtmM_the story teller
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[*] posted on 11.21.2011 at 01:35 PM
Renee asks me

This is someone I've been corresponding with for the last two months, a very attractive black woman. She e-mail me first and I'd returned the e-mail. We've been talking since then....we live 1,800 miles apart

Question_Hey, can I ask you why the women in Vegas have not snagged you into their web!!!You have the qualities of a good man.

Answer_I was pondering this question this morning. (again)

Having memories of emotional turmoil in my first marriage are still with me. You see, I had my first child then. At the age of 2 years, I no longer couldn't be with her as much as I like. In short, it tore my heart out. Emotional pain and bitterness was the result.
Didn't last too long but....

On my second marriage which lasted more than a decade....I had to deal with both financial and emotional issues when divorce came. This last June 2011...I've been formerly freed by Oregon State Child support....No more payments and all financial obligations met.

So it's only been recently that I feel "Free".....I still have one financial bill left and that will be taken care of by March 2012. Then I'll be debt free (literally).

As for relationships, I'm ready for one that lasts. But not in a hurry. I've read books, talk to other men and women about their experiences. So now I have a clue. (maybe)

In short, I prefer a person of character....not a person who is a character.
(again, that's a maybe)

Some of my thoughts after waking up and having a cup of coffee. I guess I'm a man with issues. (Ha!)

until next time Renee

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[*] posted on 11.24.2011 at 09:39 PM
This past week has been a trip at work

November 24, 2011....Thursday...better known as Thanksgiving

Hey Journal,

Is it the holiday season, the beginning of winter, or people are going just nuts!
This is my first day of 3 days off....and I'm tired. My room-mates' sister drop by with food and cheer.....and a bottle Vodka from Poland. Made from grain and potato it says on the label.
Poured a couple of shots in my glass and then took a quick smell.
It smelled like rubbing know Journal, the type you buy in a plastic bottle. Except you can drink this stuff. 80 proof or 40 percent alcohol. least to say, it knocked me on my azz.

last night:

While dropping fuel at a station a mustang(car) came flying through the lot and made a sudden stop. The passenger jumped out and yelled, "Fu*k You!"
and "I'll never be treated like that again!" and FU was repeated again and again.
The driver jumps out and started to run after him....the passenger did a about face and took off.
After a couple of hundred feet the driver stops and yells...."Fu*k You B*tch!"
Then turns around and heads for the car. He jumps into the car, backs up and yell at his former passenger.
The passenger yells again that famous 4 letter word repeatedly.
The driver skids off and is never seen again.
Both people involved are men! :ummm:

next story....

Another station, same thing, dropping fuel....but a late model car stops by.....two attractive women, in their mid-20's come by and asks for a few dollars for fuel. They explain something unfortunate happened and they don't have the gas to get back to Southern California.
"I informed them I don't have it."
The driver looked up and said......"You can put your credit card in the gas pump"
Again I refused.
my thoughts: Yeah Right....pump 60 dollars worth of gas in a strangers car.
I was about to say something but thought better of it. It would have been,
"Where's your knucklehead boyfriends?"
The men almost always send their attractive mates to do the begging.

another story....

Again, at a different gas station.....teenage boy(about 15-16) walks around begging for petty cash to feed himself.
I refuse!
he continues to walk around the station for hand-outs. The station attendant (woman) have a little talk with him. After I finish with my chores I walk inside the store to have my paperwork signed.
"What's up with the "white kid" outside?"
He hasn't eaten since yesterday morning, she said. But I can't help him...I have kids of my own.
I walk outside.
"How much money have you collected so far?"
kid...two dollars
I handed him a five.
"If you don't buy some food I'll come over and kick your azz!"
he laughs....
He walks into "Jack in the Box" next door.

next story.....another store

a black male, mid-20's walks into the store. Back pack with gloves and a hard hat hanging from its side. Dirt on his clothes and just purchased two cans of beer. Just getting off from work? I ask.
Yeah....long day, he says.
yes, he does look tired I thought.
He goes outside to his transportation.
A bicycle.

next story again....another station

My concentration is broken when a man about 50 feet away started yelling into his cell phone.

What the Fu*k!........Where you at?.......Where you at?
the person on the phone answers

AGAIN, WHY YOU ARE WHERE YOU ARE? (Believe me journal, I couldn't make this up!)



and he walks away.....

Last story

5 teenage boys return to their car and see me.

Hey Dude!....Hey about 5 gallons of gas?
Me: Sorry dudes, no can do!
Them: C'mon man, hook us up! The man won't miss it!
Me: Oh yes he see the people who produce this stuff....they're a bunch of greedy bastards and they count every penny and every gallon. They would know!

They walk away surprised!

just another day at the office Journal...until next time.
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[*] posted on 12.3.2011 at 01:26 PM
Working Stiff_Relationships_and miscellaneous non-sense

Hello Journal,

Relationships.....Sorry I can't get together with you...your working schedule and my working schedule does not fit. You're off when I'm on at work and visa-versa....then when we do find time, you're busy baby sitting your 5 grand-children from ages 2 years to 8 years.
"What happened to their parents?"
You claim they are at school...."and I thought, on a Sunday afternoon!"
Then you ask me to "rescue you".
I'm sorry, I'm NOT into the "Damsel in Distress" business.
Prince Valiant rescuing the fair haired princess only exists in Disneyland fairy-tales. (And in some women's minds)
You said you went to church this morning.
I said, "Really!"....what happened there today?
you said, "Well, the church had a guess speaker".
Curious on my part......"What did the guess speaker talk about?"
I don't know, she replied. I fell asleep.
You mean you go to church just to sleep...I replied.
Well, I was so tired from caring for those kids.(exact words)...kept me up most of the night.
What time they went to sleep?
Mid-night, she said.
Ah hell nah.....their little azzes should be in bed by 9:30 pm. Me, speaking like a father.
I only get 4 hours of sleep per night, she said......Rescue Me!

another subject

talking to another working stiff(truck driver)....we both were loading fuel for delivery when we started talking about relationships.
He was married for over 20 years, then separated for another 2 years before the divorce became final.
He stated he'll never get married again.
him speaking....I work 6 or 7 days a current job plus a part-time business.
I'm dating two women right now and they both want to move into my home.
I Fu*k one on my Fridays and the other one on my Saturdays.
Dated one of them for 3 years....and she still hangs around...I tell her I don't want to get married or a live in partner....and she still hangs around.
"What can I say?" "What can I say?" when a woman moves in I feel restricted, limited, etc.
I don't need the hassle right now.

_from a forty-something working stiff.

another subject

I went to Carmax Journal
since my car is now having major mal-functions/problems.
Well, 159,000 plus miles will do that!
I could plow more money into it
pick up another use car.

Volvo XC90, 2006 came across my view
I really like this SUV
but it comes at a stiff price for me.
This used, pre-owned vehicle, adding up all the numbers will cost me dearly.
cost: $13,999
fees: $2,000.......which includes taxes, registration, etc. etc.

financed amount: $16,000
down payment: $2,000

total finance charge over a four year period......$26,000 total

Thats.....$545.00/month for 48 months
insurance another $105/month
fuel: $150 t0 $200/month'll cost me $800 to $900/month to operate this vehicle. And that's not counting maintenance and yearly registration. Even though I can pull it off.

Why should I?

another subject....

Herman Cain....Republican candidate for US President, has suspend his campaign....

But will still receive campaign contributions through his web-site. And still be available for speeches....for a price.

It's all about the Money Honey

I can hear his wife now......

"I've always known about your affairs Herman...."BUT WHY you have to broadcast them on National Television???"
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[*] posted on 12.17.2011 at 07:32 AM
It's a real economic depression out there

Hey Journal, it's 17th of December, early Saturday

A few items I like to cover today...even though its 3:25 am here in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Yeah, I made the mistake of drinking a cafe' latte 2 hours ago....but I was dragging and I needed a "pick me up".

At Work:
A man at work did a cross-dump....that is dropping regular gas in a premium tank or visa-versa.
It's a mandatory suspension of 3 to 5 days without pay (depending on the severity) He has experience and have been with the company for over two years. But when informed of the penalty.....He Quit!
Which to me....was kinda odd.

At Home:
Markus, my room-mate had surgery for cancer. Recovered its the chemo-therapy part. There are four sessions and he has completed 3 of them now. It leaves him weak, light-headed, and nauseated.
Then on the second and third days after "treatment" his hands are unsteady to the point of shaking/trembling. Then he improves by the fourth day.
The only medicine he'll take after "Chemo" is his pain pills and anti-nausea medicine.
Beyond that....he said, Fu*k That!.....He has a lamp table full of medicine bottles.....some as strong as Morphine.
He said if he took all the pills they prescribe....he'll be a freakin' zombie!

Preparing to move:
By the end of March 2012....if not sooner, I'll have my own place...preferably a new home.
I made the decision to rent, not least not yet!
And I found some decent homes(houses) renting for $550 to $950 a month 2 or 3 bedrooms with one or two baths. I love the computer when searching.....browse the local newspaper and real estate companies that specializes in rentals.
Markus and his sister are making their plans as well. But they haven't agreed on the kind of house.
Two story or single what neighborhood.....price ranges.....etc, etc.
I wouldn't be surprised if he, my room-mate moved out on his own.


Saw a young black male wheeled himself out of a convenient store in a wheel-chair. It's one of those modified type that are easier to move around. paralyzed from the waist down (my first observation) Out the door he comes and out to the parking lot next to the fuel pump. Filled up his car with gas. Moved his chair between the opened driver side door.
_Put his groceries in first
_put himself in the driver seat next
_removed heavy pad off chair
_folded chair and placed it in the back seat
seat belt on, fired up his car
and his 2004 blue honda civic was gone.

Handicapped?!?......he did that better than some people with their legs working.

Transmission, or the lack thereof:
September 2011
My transmission was malfunctioning...took the car in for repair.
Two days in the shop.....i drove away feeling good...but two days malfunctioned again.
Second time
Transmission worked for one month....then malfunctioned.
I am pissed off!
I can see taking it back a second time....benefit of the doubt!
The Third Time:
At this point I feel the mechanic is NOT up to the job. Transmission specialists my azz.
I went to the mechanic at work and ask him to help.....after a third time I need some independent advice. Engine light was he cleared it. In the mean time the "code" that accompanies the engine light he looked it up by hooking up a device to the car's computer.
Something to do with the transmission.......Great!
I'll take the car to a Mazda dealership in town....have it diagnosed and repair.
Then file a lawsuit against the other place to pay for it!
This is NOT over Journal.

?Economic Depression?

I've dated three different women in the last two months....just sip tea at a coffee shop and conversation.
First one:
She moved in with her son and his wife.....lost her home to bankruptcy.
Second One:
Lost her job, laid off due to declining business....moved in with her sister.
Third One:
Worked as a private nurses aide for a elderly woman....son took over and placed the elderly woman in a nursing home. Lost job, unable to find another....moved in with Aunt.

_Homes in my zip code have "For Sale" signs going up....4 within walking distance. (100 to 150 yards)
_Learned a few days ago while searching for a place to stay, an article, local, stated that my zip code, where I live, the value of homes went down $3,800 this year.
Read two articles in the local paper arguing that fact that we are NOW in a economic depression....You see Journal, recessions are 2 to 3 years.
14 million people are unemployed
many more under-employed
In Europe, 4 or more countries are technically bankrupt....but they are trying.
Yeah, I agree...recession is's now a economic depression.....but most powers to be are being mum about it!

After some more reading's not the 1930's style depression, because the US Government stepped in this time and saved the financial institutions and a few corporations.
Otherwise, it would be a repeat of the soup lines.

And like the 1930's....several governments are experiencing upheaval.
In the 1930' was Germany, Italy, and Japan
This time around, it's the middle east (Arab Spring) Egypt, Tunisa, Syria, Saudi Arabia increased their monthly stipend to prevent protests.
Iran...a little earlier
Europe currently like, Ireland, Spain, Greece, Portugal, and Italy. (technically bankrupt) that threaten the currency, the Euro.
And here in America, you have the Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street (OWS) and financial monopolies that are dominating Washington. Which explains why the US Congress is dysfunctional.

Buddha is do run in cycles....and right now the depression is now being re-visited.

Just my opinion Journal
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[*] posted on 12.25.2011 at 03:26 PM

25th December 2011, Sunday

Merry Christmas Journal....

and I'm feeling pretty good today....well, I'd got laid last night and this morning.
I still find it amazing that I'm still this horny at the ripe old age of 59.....I was under the impression that sex diminishes with age.
Fooled Me!
Another thing....women at this age are horny too! Who would have thunk it!....Not I Journal.

What I think is the key?
keep your weight down
keep your blood pressure down
keep your cholesterol down
Do everything in moderation.......and enjoy life!

Should I move in (live in) with a woman after two dates?

My instincts says "NO!" Has the economy become that bad?....where after dating someone a few times she wants you to move in?
The ONLY exception to this was with Barbara....I should have moved in with her after dating a year! (life in a rear view mirror is sometimes 20/15....)
But anybody way!
Yes I get it journal....I work a full time job that survived the recession so far and I'm single, and an occasional cool guy. But the rush to settle into a home after a few dates have my head spinning. My latest date is saying just that......

Saw Lion King, the live play version this past weekend. I've been wanted to see this play for over a year. Now that it's closing by the end of the year and going on tour nation wide.
So I went SOLO that night....has a young black couple sitting to my left and three white women sitting to my right.
And I did enjoy the live play....being the 16th row from the front made it more awesome. Had a 20 minute intermission.....grab a cup of coffee and let mother nature do its thing and I was good.

next play....Trans_Siberian_Orchestra! December 29th, 2011

relative are texting me their messages of Christmas cheer....and I return some.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.....the American version comes out in the theatres.....the original version is Swedish and is an international hit.....following four books written on the subject. The original writer passed away after completing the fourth book.
I'll purchase the book this afternoon....
the original title was/is......."Men who hate women"
No Sh*t Journal.
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
The Girl who plays with Fire

Thriller, Mystery, Great Drama.....made for Adults Only.....I know the American version is watered down.
Too many political forces at play.

Justin Bieber sighting....?

At the corner of Russell Road and Mountain're at least 20 minute drive South-East from the Las Vegas Strip...vacant lots, single storied homes, businesses and hill sides frequent this area.
Dropping my fuel at this Chevron Station is not new to I went about my normal routine.
A dark colored used Toyota pulls up for gas....then a tall, lanky, white teenager jumps out from the passenger side to pump the gas. Nothing new I thought....until I saw his hair do from the back side.....
"What teenage kid wears his/her hair like that????
That's not the norm here in Vegas, I thought.
Then he turn his head for a side view...
"Wait a Minute!"
I've seen that face before.....on the local newspaper a few days earlier...

Justin Bieber look-a-like

Yeah, what the "Bieb" doing out here anyway.
But then again, no tourists are here either.
Perfect area for a celebrity, low profile and nobody give a sh*t out here at 1:00 am.
I went on to finish my task-at-hand and so did the teenager.
After I put everything away the teenager jumps back in the car and it pulls off.
Then somebody from the background yells out, "SHAKE IT BABY, SHAKE IT!"


Later and Merry Christmas Journal
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[*] posted on 1.7.2012 at 05:22 PM
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

this book starts out pretty good. of the main characters has gone to trial for libel. And he has been found guilty. A hefty fine have been laid on him and he'll have to spend time in jail (90 to 180 days). The fine will drain his bank account as will the time in jail due to the fact he's not working.
It's late December when he walks out of the court house and is faced with a large crowd of reporters. Questions were asked and he answered them. Most of the reporters he knows on a first name basis.....
He's a journalist himself. He's a talented investigative reporter but a guilty verdict has been laid on him and his reputation have been shredded.
All he wants to do now is to walk....yes, walk awhile and let the reality set in.

Lisbeth.....23 yo female with a troubled past has been working for a security firm for four years....she was initially hired as a favor for a friend of a friend. This man is involved with troubled youth and convinced another friend, who happens to be the owner of a security firm to give her a chance.
After 30 days of work and on the verge of being fired...they had a meeting. She informed the "Boss" that the work of one of his investigators was sloppy at best and incompetent at worst. She read one of the files and did her own work and found several negative things about the person they were "suppose to be checking out".
She was given 3 days to prove it or......"you're fired!"
3 days later she provided the proof with references, documentation, witnesses, etc.
She ends up within 4 years being the best investigator the firm have. She has a "Gift" and a good imagination.

The crossing of these two paths(people) have already begun when she was asked to investigate Blomkvist.

The second book I'm looking forward to reading is "7 Money Rules for Life by Hunt. The book is only 190 pages long.....compared to the 600 pages of "Dragon Tattoo".

Being informed and entertained at the same time I guess....

I'll be viewing a house tomorrow with the landlord. And I'll bring a camera along to take pictures. The Landlord wants me in the home like yesterday.
But....I'll take my time....once I move in....I don't plan to move out too soon.....which is WHY I'll examine the place thoroughly.
And I would walk away if it doesn't "feel" right.

Payday was yesterday and I have $3,000 available(savings)....also there are two more paydays by the first week of February.....and don't forget INCOME TAX.
File that puppy at the beginning of February and have it direct deposited in my bank account by the end of February. Add to the tight-fisted attitude towards money and I'll have at least $6,000 prior to moving.

kitchen stuff
kitchen table
living room stuff which includes sofa, chairs, flat screen TV
some bedroom stuff
Don't forget bathroom stuff
First and last for rent

Yeap, I'll be broke by March first!

Think I'll take a few days off from work when moving time comes.....
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[*] posted on 1.11.2012 at 06:09 PM
up-date on the house

hey Journal,

Application has been accepted towards the 2 bedroom/1 bath house. I'll find out by the end of the week. (weekend)...gave my room mate a 30 day notice.
Last night I went to a furniture clearance warehouse. Located about 6 miles from here. This is where furniture has been returned because of some defect, or damaged during transportation, or just didn't sell, etc.
My first visit was more about scouting, asking questions. Luckily I ran into a sells person who clue me in on how things work. Once an item arrives the price is reduced.....after a few days then a systematic reduction in price takes place. 5% reduction each day until the item sells. And on holidays a larger reduction happens.
On a Sofa and Love seat combination the original price was $1170.00.....arrived at the warehouse at $ of last night the price was $600.00......and the price will continue to decline 5 percent per day till sold.

On my second visit: 3 hours later, I brought my digital camera and took pictures of various combinations for the living room, bedrooms, and kitchen.

Like a small round wooden kitchen table with 4 swivel chairs starting at $1700......dropped down to $1300....then to $710.00....then to $683.00.... then $649.00 as of last night.

if I would have bought last night
wooden round kitchen table....643
sofa set...................................600
dresser mirror..........................341
queen size bed, 3 pc...............360
cocktail table, living room........209


Well Journal......first the house....then the furniture

next on my dream list.....42 inch flat screen TV with a brown wooden stand. Every piece of furniture has real wood.

first house
second utilities
third furniture

If things go well.....I'll be settled in by the second week of March.

We'll see Journal
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[*] posted on 1.13.2012 at 03:57 PM
A Long Time

Hello Journal,

It's been years since I've had a place of my own....even though its renting....It's been years. A two bedroom/2 bath house with a front and back yard.
It's very exciting
Located in North Las Vegas (older section) a mile North of Las Vegas and Civic Center.
This is NOT the glamorous part of the Strip...working class neighborhood with homes built back in the late 1950's and early 1960's. Single family, single story homes that actually have spaced between houses.....wooden telephone poles that are placed between back yards(no alley ways) so electricity and other electronic services can be extended to each and every home. Some homes, not many have bars over their windows. My two main entrances are barred. Not the windows, just the doors.
The street itself is wide enough to park cars and have two way traffic. Streets lights are here as well....Ah, some lighting during the night. Most homes have two or three cars parked in the drive way or front....suggesting multiple families/friends of adult age.
Here I am......analyzing the area....Ha!

I'm looking forward to playing the piano again at anytime when I'm home......before I go to work, after I return from work, during my days pursue my hobby uninterrupted!
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[*] posted on 1.16.2012 at 09:03 PM
My 401(k)

Where do I stand financially for retirement Journal?

As an employee, one of the benefits we have is a 401(k) retirement account(s). And we have access via the internet. So, since its the beginning of a new year. Taking a quick peek to see what happening is advisable.
I still have a long ways to go.....but its encouraging. My plan so far is working. And once I get settle into my new place, I'll become more aggressive when it comes to saving/investing money.

where the money coming from?

According to the web-site,

My contribution makes up 79 percent
Profit Sharing makes up 14 percent
employee matching makes up 7 percent

where does it go?

I only chose two funds:
Pimco Total Return A (pttax).....Bonds
Hartford Index HLS 1B (hbidx).......Large Companies Stocks

My reasoning is, however faulty, is cost!
Expense ratio is 0.90 percent and 0.59 percent respectfully

By keeping my costs low I'm able to put more money to work for me. By choosing more than two funds and up to ten funds incurs more expense that works against you. Many of the funds that are offered have an expense ratio greater than 1.0 percent and a couple greater than two percent per year.
Expense ratio is price you pay for having a fund manage your money.
So less is more for me......and I can't complain. After talking to some of my fellow employees they lost money the last 3 years. I've been averaging 4.0 growth per year. It's not much, but its better than being in the negative.
It's a simplistic view but it works in this financial environment.

62.3 percent is going to Bonds
37.7 percent going to large company stocks.

and another benefit.....dividends, paid every month.
$33.01 for December 2011
and the more I contribute, the larger the dividend.

the correct term is "Compounding"

next subject

Quite a few people were at the local park this morning doing whatever since today is a holiday(MLK Day)....a group of four people were playing a pick-up game of basketball. Two men and Two women. What caught my attention was a 16 to 20 month old boy ambulating away from the basketball court. I'd continue walking and so did the kid in the opposite direction. Until about he got about 150 feet away....I yelled at the parents:
Hey you guys! You need a time-out! Your kid going away! (and pointed my hand towards his direction)

Just another beautiful day here in North Las Vegas
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[*] posted on 1.19.2012 at 02:46 PM
401(k) continued

This is just following up on the last Blog Journal

On the negative side, the way I see it!

Most people who use the 401(k) as one or primary source of saving for the future are at best, a novice. I myself Journal felt the same way. So did some reading on the internet, a couple of financial journals, and even the local newspaper had a couple of good articles.
Now to let you know, my job(employer) do at least provide a 401(k) and makes contributions as well. Not all jobs do that. So I'm lucky in that respect.

But what I'm about to say falls in the "Greedy Bast*rds" category and it has everything to do with the financial institutions.

If you're not sure what or where to invest and there's at least 16 to 20 choices, all mutual funds with a expense ratio.
You can choose one, two, or as many funds as you want that is offered. The range is very low risk(bonds) to high risk(stocks) or certain specialty categories. Like raw materials for example.

The web-site offers 5 different categories if you're a novice. This is where they do the choosing for you.

1.) very aggressive
2.) aggressive
3.) moderate
4.) conservative
5.) very conservative

Just click on one of these and then click "Okay" if you approve to put your money in one of these categories.
In each category there are 10 funds and with each fund where a percentage of your money goes.

In a Bond fund, being one of the ten, if you choose aggressive, then only 5% of your money will go there.
If you choose conservative, then as much as 40% will go to the Bond fund.
It's the same with stocks and specialty picks where they decide the percentage and risk.

Here my beef:

you have 10 funds in each category mentioned above from very aggressive to very conservative.
Each fund has an expense ratio
As low as 0.56 for one fund to over 2.00 percent for another.

Let me put it this way.....if you choose the 10 fund "Diversify" way.
You'll be charged 10 percent of your money whether the market goes up or down.

Yeah go ahead and "diversify your fund portfolio".....the more funds you "diverse"....the more money you lose to cost alone.

That's why I chose only two separate mutual fund contains over 400 large company stocks. Which many do business internationally.
And the other, Bond fund, that contains bonds locally and internationally.

total cost: 0.59 plus 0.90 equals 1.49 percent

Less is More journal
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[*] posted on 1.23.2012 at 06:28 PM

W-2 and the new residence

Hello Journal,

A new day.....Yes, it's my first day off of three. For the last 4 weeks I have been having 4 day work's winter what can I say, things slow down a bit.

In the mean time, my W-2 arrived in the mail Saturday. And I filed my taxes Monday morning. And yes Journal, I went to the H and R Block office and paid to have my taxes filed (electronically).
I was burned by the IRS a few years ago and haven't forgotten. Just my way of having my ducks lined up correctly.

I get a refund. And it tells me when...can you believe that??? February 6th at the latest. 14 days.....dayum!

If all goes well, I'll use the money to purchase furniture for my house.

So this afternoon, I'll go to the theatre and watch "Red Tails" an HBO remake. And then go window shopping for furniture. Anyone care to come along?
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[*] posted on 1.30.2012 at 02:49 PM
Pondering my next move

Hey Journal,

Just getting back from eating breakfast at a local restaurant. $3.62 worth. It's real food that's cooked!

I have the keys to the place and did another inspection. Dropped off some of the kitchen ware there. Now planning to move items both large and things I don't use everyday.
First large item will be my piano...once I get that out of the way...then its down hill from there. After-all, I only occupy one room in a three bedroom house.
Not much furniture outside my musical instrument. But as time goes on, my room mate starting to give away an assortment of two whole beds, furniture, extra dishes.
I was planning to purchase a whole new bedroom set from a clearance warehouse. And after some thought, I'll stick to that plan. The freshness of new mattress and furniture is appealing.
The bedroom set I use now is going to the spare bedroom.
I'm going to have to say "No" to some of his "give-aways" and recommend giving it to Good Will organization or sale it.
Right now....I'm going at piece meal....a few item here, a few items there....if things go well...I'll be completely moved in by the 15th of Feb.
My room mate is preparing as well....his sister has signed a lease for a 3 br/2 full bath house. 1800 sq. ft. (I'm rounding up) the end of February this house we live in will be vacant.

next subject.

Fingering through my income tax file for this year. It's amazing, a mini-financial earnings statement of 2011 and its deductions in one simple paragraph. Or more like lines in an accounting statement.
One good thing...NO Nevada State Incomes Taxes.....don't fret there journal, the state has other ways to tax us citizens.
The one thing that caught my eyes was GANISHMENTS.....aka Child Support!
To the tune of $4,464.48 And it ended May of 2011.
Well, I know what I'm doing with that extra cash this year....straight to the 401(k), "Bond section" Stocks too risky for me for now.
Add another $19,000 for federal taxes, health insurance, life insurance, dental, meds, long and short term disability, etc. etc.

You know something Journal.....there was a time in my life when I'd earned $23,000/year, single with no kids, had a one bedroom apartment, a 1972 VW bug that was paid for.....and an occasional girl friend.
I was one happy camper then.....

Now....grown children, two ex-wives, no child support or alimony, Single, moving into a 2br/1 bath single family home(968 sq. ft.), a paid for- over used Mazda, more than double my salary(shows how much the cost of living has changed)......and an occasional girlfriend.

Yeap.....I'm a happy camper again!
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[*] posted on 2.4.2012 at 03:45 PM
a venture into politics

They say a Violent Sport

First Iowa, then New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida......NOW here in Nevada.

For the past week there have been commercials on television about the top four Republican Characters, Er-r-r,... candidates.

For the last few weeks the leading character in this Republican field has been Mitt Romney.

I had some weird thoughts on this last night.

Barack Obama vs. Mitt impressions

A Community Organizer(Obama) vs. A Venture Capitalist(Romney)

This is an interest contrast

First Community Organizing:
Community organizers generally seek to build groups that are democratic in governance, open and accessible to community members, and concerned with the general health of the community rather than a specific interest group. Organizing seeks to broadly empower community members, with the end goal of distributing power more equally throughout the community.

A Venture capitalist who invests in floundering firms in the hopes that they will turn around.

But Mitt Romney has been accused of being a Vulture Capitalist

Vulture Capitalist
A slang word for a Venture Capitalist who deprives an inventor of control over their own innovations and most of the money they should have made from the invention.

So there you have it Journal.....Community Organizer and the Capitalist.

Who are you gonna vote for?
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[*] posted on 2.8.2012 at 09:35 PM

I hate moving Journal

Moving stuff from one place to another. And right now, I'm taking a break!
And staring at a box right now...which needs assembling...I've already put together 3 pieces of furniture....two different sets of furniture movers drop by today at my new (well-used) house. I refuse to use the word "Crib"
Hell, my mother said she had me sleeping in a laundry basket!

Anyway, the last part of this move takes place tomorrow morning.....then I'm done!

Well Journal, no sense of me B*tching about this....time to DO IT!

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[*] posted on 2.15.2012 at 08:39 AM
Friday night again

Officially Journal,

This is February 15, 2012....Wednesday Morning....BUT, its the start of the weekend for me. Off Thursday and Friday.

It finally occurred to me that after moving and purchasing stuff.....I still have no place to sit in the living room. Well I can sit by my piano, it has its own stand to sit on.

Still need a sofa and a love seat.....or just a sofa!

definitely going shopping for chairs and sofa later today! Sitting on the floor gets old fast.

last but not least....Television Set, Flat screen around 37 inches, max 42 inches. I'll be using electronic rabbit ears....No monthly fee for TV for me!

dated 3 women in the past month and a half......when I informed them that I'm planning to move out on my own.....two of them offered me to move in with them. One was very serious after our first night together.
She stood up naked in her apartment bedroom and moved to her closet. Opened up the sliding door, moved her clothes to one side and said.
"Here's space for your clothing when you move in".

I didn't know what to say!
All I felt was an uneasy feeling in my stomach!
After spending one night with this woman she's offering me to move in ASAP?!?

When I told this story to one of my friends...he stated.
"It's probably because she knows you work". Just say "Thanks", but "No Thanks"

I know times are hard.....but DAYUM!!!!!

I really like the position I'm in NOW
a 2 bedroom/one bathroom single family house
968 square feet of living space
includes washer/dryer
gas oven
central heating and in Nevada its called a "gas pack"....powered by natural gas....lot cheaper than straight electricity.
It only takes 5 to 8 minutes to heat this place.

I really, really like this place.....3 years with a room mate, before that, a year with a woman who's son and I didn't get along, before that, in Salem, Oregon raising my last two children, before that, in Afghanistan for 14 months in a make shift barracks like setting.

Now I'm finally alone.......and I love it!

later journal
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