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Author: Subject: MtmM_the story teller
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[*] posted on 6.7.2018 at 01:10 PM
just my thoughts

hey Journal,

During the 2016 national election it was said that if Donald Trump ever gets elected, he'll start a war!

Well, he didn't start an actual war, you know, guns, bullets and bombs.
But he is starting an economic war.
I thought it will be with China. But I was wrong. It's not only China, but with Canada, Mexico, and 17 European countries called the EU (European Union)
Notice how quite Japan and India is at the present moment.

From what I have read, these tariffs, taxes on in-coming goods from outside our borders. Will take effect around the end of July 2018. If not sooner. AND these same countries are imposing TARIFFS of their own that are targeted against Trump's strongholds in the USA.
We'll see if Trump's strategy works? And who it will hurt first.

The Koch Brothers, and their wealthy associates who contribute 100's of millions of dollars to have a Republican government are now complaining about the tariffs.
This last December 2017 the Republican dominated US Congress have voted a healthy tax cut for the wealthy. Now, President Trump's executive action with Tariffs is threatening to take that away.
HOW IRONIC!?!(coincidental; unexpected ):yes:

another subject.

You Tube University save me money

One of my bulbs in my car headlights went out. So the next day I went to the auto parts store to purchase replacements. $14.95 for each bulb. 2 bulbs plus tax. Then the parts store clerk says he can install them for another 50 bucks.
I looked at the bulbs and said, "I'll try".
Well sir, if have any trouble, come on back.

Once I arrived home I'd fired up my laptop and went to YouTube.
"How to install headlights on a 2008 Nissan Sentra.
A 5 minute tutorial later and actual replacement took me 20 minutes.

Dayum I experienced mechanic would have taken 5 minutes or less....and then charge me $50.00!

Thank You, YouTube.:yes:
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[*] posted on 6.17.2018 at 02:01 PM
A couple of thoughts about Trump

hey Journal,

Trump is just being me it was no surprised because I voted against him. Along with 31 million other voters. But it was the electoral college that put him into power.

In private life this man filed bankruptcy 6 times....a bankruptcy is basically a broken contract. Many reasons why one gets broken. Mainly though, you're unable or unwilling to honor the terms.
Well, since he's the POTUS.....he's still breaking contracts. Paris Climate Agreement, Iran Nuclear Agreement, NAFTA, and a few more. And making new ones which will benefit him and his family after he leaves the White House.

Building a wall......well, he's being successful in doing, not the physical one he promised between Central America and the USA. The other wall called, "Tariffs"! With most countries the USA trade with.

Robert Mueller, Russian Collusion, and other high all depends on the US Congress this coming fall (November) elections.
If the Republicans retain control, little chance of impeachment. If Democrats wins control, high chance of impeachment.
That is one good reason WHY one should vote!
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[*] posted on 7.8.2018 at 08:09 PM
A few things that caught my attention this past week

Hey Journal,

things.....Northern Thailand, a assistant soccer coach with 12 kids between 12 and 16 years of age decided to take the group exploring inside a mountain cave after practice. About an hour or so after entering the cave a rain storm happened. A flash flood soon block their exit and forced them further into the cave. Luckily, a park ranger making his rounds at closing time saw the locked bikes near the entrance and notify authorities.
Fast forward two weeks.....4 kids actually got rescued with the help of 5 countries, the Navy Seals, and about 1,000 people involved. They're still working on 8 kids and the assistant coach still stuck inside MORE THAN 3 miles in.
I would not blame any mother who will walk up to the coach and slap the sh*t out of him. (if he gets out?)

next attention getter:

The Supreme Court of the United of the Justices is retiring. So President Trump gets to pick with the blessing of the Senate Majority leader, Mitch McConnell. There are 100 Senators in the US Senate, 51 are Republicans and are controlled by McConnell.
Expect a white-male, (possible female) with a religious bent, pro-business, with a hostile attitude toward civil rights, minorities, and women. (AKA white nationalist)

caught my attention as well:

This Tariff War......a tariff is basically a tax on anything that is produced outside of the borders of the USA and shipped here for sale. (same could be said about any country).
America's wealthy class love Donald Trump for signing the tax cut. They now bemoan him.....Donald Trump and the Republicans have been cutting taxes and deregulating federal rules in America. But in a ironic twist....Trump's Tariffs, is increasing bureaucracy, regulation, and costs via the Commerce Department. And the cost of Tariffs will be greater than the tax cuts given in December 2017. (Can you say the tax man giveth with one hand and then taketh with the other.

this thing caught my attention:

Kim Jong Un, North Korea's leader has played Donald Trump. In the beginning, Maximum pressure was being applied to North Korea with help from South Korea, Japan, China, Russia, and a few others. Mainly for firing missiles within range of these countries and exploding atomic bombs underground. While war games was going on within eye sight of North Korea. Kim Jong Un decided to make a personal visit to CHINA, twice. Then he made a personal visit to South Korea's leader in South Korea.....When Kim Jong stepped across the border of North and South Korea and greeted the President of South made international news and got everyone's attention. (especially Trump). Soon after, Kim Jong asked on international media, that he would like to meet the President of the USA.
Trump, against the advice of his inner circle, he said, Yes!
But there are conditions Trump said.
Kim Jong said, Yes....we can discuss these conditions when we meet.
long story short:
_China provided the plane for Kim to travel to Singapore.
_Singapore paid for the hotel rooms where Kim and his men stayed.(reported around $7,000 plus per night.)
_And the Donald traveled over 12,000 miles to meet Kim.

After two days of meeting....Kim got Trump to:
_Stop the joint war games going on outside of North Korea's border.
_The Maximum pressure being applied by several countries has ended.
_Keeping his nukes and up-grading nuclear facilities.

What do Trump gets in return:
_An international photo-op with the North Korean Leader.
_signing of a document that contains.........What?!?
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[*] posted on 7.31.2018 at 04:19 PM
Keeping your home cool in the desert (Mojave)

Hello Journal,

While shopping for a couple of items at Home Depot I ran across a man who was selling his product off a table in the middle of the isle.
"For $49.00 we'll have a man check out your air conditioner at your home and/or business." he stated.
I said, what do you mean?
he replied, do regular maintenance on your machine which should be done at least once a year.

I thought....yeah, yearly air condition maintenance is usually run closer to $125 and up!
So, since this is a Home Depot store....I'll try it!

Few days later a YES MAN CAN (name of the company) came by....I'm only familiar from the radio advertisement.
Two guys came and introduce themselves and about ten minutes later they were on the roof. (where the machine is located)

I found out the machine was built and installed in 1996....makes it 22 years old. If you do regular maintenance on these machine they can last 30 years. They also stated that the machine is using more than twice as much electricity than the current models.

to be continued
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[*] posted on 8.1.2018 at 08:58 PM
Keeping your home cool in the desert (Mojave)...continued

After these two men performed their maintenance we sat down at the kitchen table and discuss options.

First of all, my air conditioner still works, but it uses more than twice the AMPS when on.
Second of all, its 22 years old....installed in 1996. May I also add that with regular maintenance (once a year) these machines can last 30 years.
Then there is the price.....and that depends on the size of your living space. My is little more than a single story, single family home about 1,100 square feet.
Price quoted....$7,000
this includes installation, covers the first 2 years of labor (JonAire), 10 year Manufacturer Warranty, 20 year warranty on heat exchanger (Lennox).

I said thanks for the info and please give me time to chew on this.

For the next two days I've talked to several people. My neighbor, a couple of doors down had hers' replaced 6 years ago and it cost $5,400.00 Another friend talked about it and it cost him over $10,000 (last year)
A friend at work cost him $12,000 because his caught fire and it was over 25 years old. Some repair was needed to the roof. And he's 68....he,s planning to pay off the bill and then retire (his guesstimate, 2 to 3 years.

Bottom line, I like to retire from work next year BUT I don't want to risk a break down of my 22 yo air conditioner in the next couple of years.
Had it done 3 days later and it took 6 hours to do it!

How did I do it? I finance it at a 7.99% APR.

Next major project....a new roof that can stand 100 MPH winds. (next year)

Later Journal :wave:
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[*] posted on 8.8.2018 at 01:23 AM
Now its Medical issues

hello Journal,

My 80 pound dog, Pit-Bull Mix (actually mutt) has a problem. He keeps scratching his ears and shaking his head expecting to loosen up and dislodge. This been going on for over 3 days SO.....its off to the animal doctor (Veterinarian) about two miles from where I live.
I dropped him off around 8 in the morning and received a call an hour later.
Yeap....this bred with the floppy ears has an ear infection, in BOTH ears.
How did he manage to do that???:ummm:

The Doc asked for permission to do a couple of procedures and I said, "Yes"
The dog in pain, clear it up is my thinking.
The Vet went on and irrigated both ears and cleaned all the junk out....just to discover both ear drums have a tear and infected.
Long story short...2 weeks of irrigation by me and antibiotics LATER.
His ears show improvement so the Vet irrigated again and now the Pit Bull Mutt is on antibiotics twice a day. Another visit in 10 days and the ear drum is healing.

other medical girlfriend has sight problems. Being a 59 yo grandmother do have its set of problems.
Seeing an eye doctor, (ophthalmologist), pronouncing that word is a mouth full....she has Cataracts and Astingmatism.
Simply put in my words.
Cataracts....foggy vision
Astingmatism....blurred or out of focus

It makes me wonder how she managed these past few years.:ummm:

the answer: Eye Surgery, one eye at a time about 4 weeks apart.
the first eye was done this morning....recovering from eye surgery itself is easy, its the hang-over from Anesthesia is the hard part!
Drink plenty of water after surgery they said....YEAH I thought, to flush that chemical out your system.

So Journal, there you have it!
_One dog with an ear infections and ruptured eardrums that is currently healing.
_And a grandmother who had surgery in her right eye this morning and is healing too!

I'll be playing nurse for the next two weeks.:wow:
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[*] posted on 8.12.2018 at 06:13 PM
medical up-date

Well Journal,

progress is being made....the 8 y.o. pit bull mutt is recovering nicely...he is now barking again without pain in its ears. So I'm continuing putting a couple of drops of antibiotic into each ear. In the beginning he was shaking his head when I put just one drop in.
Now I just massage his ear first, add two drops and massage the ear again. And the full medicine reaches its spot.

as for the 59 yo grandmother,
fully recovered from the surgery and adding 3 types of eye drops to her right surgical eye each day. The proof that the operation worked!.....Last night she spotted a small mosquito sitting on the side of the wall 8 feet up and 20 feet away. I didn't noticed it until she pointed it out AND I walked up closer to get a look (like 5 feet away).....DAYUM, your right eye that sharp in vision! Can't wait to get your left eye done in 4 weeks.
The Eye Doctors insist they like to do one eye at a time. It's proven to be successful so far. We'll see! (No pun intended)

next subject:
Became a baby-sister for the next 4 days....a 3 yo girl and a 18 month old boy. The parents original baby-sister went on a 4 week vacation out of town. So, here we are....looking around my house a couple of reminders came up in my memory.
CHILD PROOFING my residence. Yeap, anything and everything that can cause harm or damage is picked up and put away in large hard plastic containers. Cleaners of various types, objects with an edge or blade, electrical sockets needing plugs, anything that can be tipped over and dropped, etc, and etc.
Thinking like a parent again.:wow:
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[*] posted on 9.2.2018 at 07:05 PM
99 Degrees Fahrenheit

hello journal

it's a beautiful day today and its 99 degrees. What a relief! Now to some that might sound kinda weird. But, if you lived in an area where the temps is hovering 110 degrees and above for the last 6 weeks. It's easy to understand. Mind you, 99 degrees is still hot! Its just not like living in a combination oven and a blow-dryer stuck on a high setting.
But more important is the daily lows...hitting around 77 to 79 degrees...that's one major indication that the season is changing. In another 2 to 3 weeks, 100 degree readings will be gone till maybe late April or early May. Can't Wait!:cucumber:

Right now, my two pit-bull-mutts is napping on the living room floor. The two grand-kids is napping in the 3rd bedroom with their grandmother.
And me, playing on this computer a sipping on a beer, "Fat-Tire Belgium Ale".....
She asks me...are you bored?
Who me?....I'm doing just fine.
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[*] posted on 9.3.2018 at 02:27 PM
3:30 am and 3 decades ago

Hey Journal,

I was in a deep sleep when a 20 month old boy started crying.
What the hell?.....I thought.
Looked at the clock.....3:30 AM.....Dayum!
I finally lumbered out of bed and made it to the other bedroom. I didn't need to see where I was going and just followed the sound of a crying baby.
Reached down and gently picked up the little boy and within seconds he stopped crying. A few minutes later the grandmother arrived with a warm bottle of milk. And all was good in the world.

I'm too old for this! 65 years old and a 4 am wake up doesn't make a good start of a day. But I did agreed to do this for a month.
FOUR DECADES (40 years) since I've done this! AAAGGGHHH!

How much we're getting paid for this???? WHAT?!?.....We're Not!

First it was two dogs that follow me everywhere. Now there's two toddlers that follow me around. The difference is that the toddlers want to get into everything I do.
Cooking....they want to cook too
Computer....they want to punch the keys also
Gardening.....yeah, they want to play in the mud/dirt/fertilizer too!

Yeah, after playing in dirt and fertilizer(and don't eat that!)'s time for a bath.....Oh, you have an issue with a tub of warm water and soap? It's not're going in kicking and screamin'.

Fresh clothes, fresh diapers, and a warm bottle of milk and they're asleep.
As for myself....a bottle for me too!....Belgium Ale.
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[*] posted on 9.15.2018 at 07:12 PM
a tuna/chicken salad sandwich

Hello Journal,

After running and completing a few errands for the day. I made a suggestion to my gurlfriend to stop by the nearest supermarket to pick up a few ingredients.

Once home we put away the stuff and then started gathering stuff for my Tuna/Chicken salad sandwich. She suggested just straight tuna. I said, wait until you taste this!


dill pickles
yellow onion
tuna (canned)
chicken breast (canned)
Two eggs (boiled)
Miracle Whip

I washed my hands and gathered my bowl to mix the ingredients.

First: Bring out a small pot, add water, add two eggs and boil.
second: grab two individual stalks of celery and dice up.
third: Two eighth of an inch slices of onion and dice up.
fourth: Two small dill pickles and dice up.
Add these in the bowl.

2, five ounce cans of TUNA in water, drain water.
1, five ounce can of Chicken in water, drain water.
Dice up both meats prior to placing in bowl.

place both in bowl.

Once the eggs are boiled, remove from shell and dice up eggs. place in bowl.

Break out my tablespoon and stir
Miracle Whip....I start out with two hefty tablespoonful and start mixing it in...I usually add one or two more depends on the creaminess(and taste).....then I add a squirt of mustard. Just to enhance taste. Too much mustard and it turns yellow and ruins the taste.
add salt and pepper....3 to 4 shakes should do!
add Paprika....2 to 3 shakes should do!

Stir well!
May I also add, taste it as you go along.
The reason I like Miracle Whip is because its Creamy Mayo and Tangy Salad Dressing.
I add chicken to tuna to make the taste will be less fishy.
Tastes better when refrigerated.

My gurlfriend loves it....she brought out tortilla chips and used it as a dip!

Me, two slices of bread, place my concoction in between the two.
and I'm in heaven.

later Journal
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[*] posted on 9.18.2018 at 09:36 PM
Today's Happenings

Hello Journal,

Busy day so far Journal,
Started out around 6:00 am this morning walking the dogs. I take them to a nearby desert park that is fenced in and take off the leash. Off they go to sniff, pee, and run for 45 minutes. It's over a 100 acres of desert and trails and some wild plants and life.

7:30 am
My gurlfriend wakes up and gets ready for eye surgery. While she's showering I took the time to grab a quick tuna/chicken salad sandwich. She hasn't eaten since midnight and I didn't want to ruin it by cooking/frying/boiling something.

8:00 am
Called my job and let them know I'm not showing up for work today. I did file paperwork to take this day off with pay two weeks ago. But was declined. So I called in sick.
Following this phone with another phone call to the veterinarian (animal doctor) to verify their two dogs are due for a comprehensive physical examination. Which includes up-dating shots and various tests. I'll drop them off at 7:00 am Thursday and hopefully pick them up by 1:00 pm.

9:30 am
We arrived to the surgery center.....short version.
She suffers from cataracts and astigmatism.
Cataracts....foggy sight that gets worst.
Astigmatism....blurred or out of focus vision

The cataracts will be removed and a lens called a TORIC LENS will be inserted. The lens will correct the blurred out vision. The right was done first last month. Today, the left eye is being worked on and in 24 hours, the eye doctor will examine the eye and finally both eyes will have excellent vision. She tolerated this non-sense for over 8 years.

10:30 am
Surgery done....she's hungry. What you wanted to eat? I asked.
IN and OUT Burger....she says.
Double-Double Burger with everything, fries, and a Vanilla Shake.

11:30 am
We made it home, she finished off the meal and hits the sack.
ME: Fed and watered the dogs.

1:00 pm
Called one of my's the weather in Washington D.C.....remember the recent Hurricane?

4:30 pm
wake up from a nap!

5:30 pm
Las Vegas Metro Police Swat Team shows up on my block....about 100 meters to the west and start announcing they have a warrant to search the house of 5335 and all residence living within must exit and stand on the front yard with hands on head. Our city street is blocked off and all residents stay within their homes.

I'm going to the gym to work out, then hit the sack myself upon my return.

Later Journal:yes: ;):tu:
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[*] posted on 11.18.2018 at 02:11 AM
it is what it is

Evening Journal,

I'm currently reading two different articles this weekend.

first one is the Discover Magazine, December 2018 edition about plans that improve brain health.


Time/Life Magazines, The Salem Witch Trials, the true witch hunt of 1692 and its legacy today.

These two subjects peaked my interest so I bought the magazines and started reading them. And to let you know Journal....I wasn't disappointed.

Alzheimers....If you look at all the risk factors, so many of them are associated with the way we live. (Dale Bredesen, UCLA professor of Neurology)

possible solution....the Bredesen Protocol

what is it?.....It's a lifestyle change for sure for those in early cognitive decline and early Alzheimer's Disease.

which is....?

_getting at least 8 hours of shut-eye every night.
_Fasting at least 12 hours a day. Usually don't eat anything after 7:00 pm till next morning.
_Frequent Yoga and meditation to relieve stress.
_Aerobic exercise for 30 minutes to 60 minutes at least 5 times a week.
_Brain training exercises 3 times a week.
_Eating mostly plant-base diet....Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, Leafy Green Vegetables, Kale, Spinach, Lettuce.
_Cutting out high mercury fish...aka Tuna, Shark, and Swordfish.
_Drink plenty of water
_Eliminating gluten, sugar, and simple Carbs like bread, pasta, rice, cookies, cakes, and candies.

The plan is proven to reverse inflammation, insulin resistance, and destruction of vital brain functions.

And the Salem Witch Hunt

I've heard about the Salem Witch Hunt of 1692....but this is the first time I'm actually reading/studying about it! And how it relates to today with President Trump frequent calls of his investigation as a "witch hunt"!

a little more of this later.
So far, th
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[*] posted on 11.25.2018 at 10:03 PM
Just reading US History, from a different point of view.

hey Journal,
just doing some reading about World War Two....around 1936.

Germany was developing a battle tank. But could not build/develop it because it was against the treaty they signed at the end of World War One.

So what the Germans do?

They contacted the Russians (Soviet Union then) and they agreed to secretly have the tank plans and German engineers go to Russia and build these prototypes.
A joint venture was born and the Germans were paying for it!
Both Russian and German engineers joined up 200 miles east of Moscow. They put together a couple of tanks and put them both through heavy testing.

Both teams ruled the tank model was too slow....but many lessons were learned.
for the Germans....this will lead to the making of the famous Panzer 1, Panzer 2, and the Panzer 3 tanks that created the infamous Blitzkrieg.

for the Russians....this lead to their development of the T-34 tanks that were used to defeat the Germans in the latter part of WW2.

another surprise

Harry Truman, a man who became POTUS (president of the United States) after the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt.....was a jerk!

This is why I say this..... In the meetings between these leaders, Roosevelt(USA)-Stalin(Russia)-Churchill(UK)....they agreed to a post WW2 set-up. The dividing up the map so to speak. Roosevelt also promised the Russians 7 billion dollars of reconstruction aid to help rebuild the Soviet Union....after all, Russian infrastructure was non-existent and like most European countries needed help getting started.
Harry Truman reneged(to go back on one's word) give financial aid to the Russians. Truman did provide support to other European countries. May I add this was the first step to the Cold War that followed a few years later.

The dropping of the TWO atomic bombs on Japan were unnecessary.
Japan....was within TWO WEEKS of surrendering....and the Americans knew that!
Japan prefer to surrender to the Americans than the Russians who were advancing from the North.
But, Truman want it his way!
_Drop the bombs and let the world know we (the USA) have a new super weapon.
Japan knew they had a better chance of protecting their emperor and their population with the Americans. If the Russians prevailed, well......
Let me explain
Word and reports have reached the Japanese on how the Russians treated enemies. Once the Russians reached Berlin, all hell broke loose. How that saying goes....To the winner, goes the spoils....well, the Russians got revenge from the was documented that over 100,000 women in Germany were raped multiple times by the Russians....and that's the official figure. And any German with power, status, or authority was killed.
Japan didn't want that happening to them.

Stalin(Russia) did keep his word on the original agreement.
Churchill (UK) did keep his word too!
Truman (USA) was the only one who didn't keep Roosevelt's word. After all, he was the high school bully who had a new toy...the atomic bomb!

A few months earlier at another summit between the leaders of Truman(USA)-Stalin(Russia)-Churchill(UK), plus other countries the first atomic test was successful in New Mexico. Truman announced the success of this weapon to other leaders became....arrogant, to the point of being the new bully on the block.
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[*] posted on 2.10.2019 at 03:13 PM
Container Gardening

I went to Google and entered the word "container gardening" and over 100,000 hits came up.....I'd peruse a few articles but it didn't answer some questions. Yesterday, I was in Lowe's (similar to Home Depot) and picking up new lighting for the garage. It was here I ran across a book named, "container gardening complete" by jessica walliser.

creative projects for growing vegetables and flowers in small places it says on the cover.

As I was flipping through the pages a sales clerk started a conversation with me and stated that the book on sale. 60 percent off!
Really....I replied. What is the original price?
I picked up the book for 12 dollars plus the state tax. This 272 page book comes in handy. I learned there more to just grabbing a pot, throwing soil in it, planting a few seeds and adding water.

After I brought it home my girlfriend saw the book and started reading....for the next two days she was all over that book. As for myself I finished just over the first 50 pages. plus I skip to other parts of the book.

The Three Pillars of Successful (an overview)

There are 3 pillars that comprise the foundation of successful container gardening, and if they're NOT in place, your chances of having a productive container garden are greatly reduced.

_Right Kind of Container
_Right Potting Mix
_Right Location

the right container (short version)

There is a saying when I was in transportation (trucking actually) ....You can't put 5 gallons of liquid in a 4 gallon container.

Pretty much the same thing when it comes to plants. The container must be large enough to support the root system of the plant. If you're growing a tiny, drought-proof succulent plant, a small container such as a boot, or a coffee mug, is just fine. BUT, if you're growing a watermelon vine, a tea kettle is clearly a bad idea!
Instead of using the cutest or cleverest object as a container,the focus should be on selecting the best container for its particular purpose.

Choosing a container that holds enough soil to support a year's worth of root growth is the easiest way to encourage healthy, productive plants.
If the roots "max out" within a container, the plant won't reach its full potential and the vegetable yields are reduced.
Generally speaking, it is better to have a pot that's too big than too small.

1 to 2 gallons minimum for each small statured vegetable or flowering plant.....examples:

and other greens.
herbs as well.

5 to 8 gallon minimums:

cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, okra, bush-type cucumbers.

8 to 10 gallon minimum:

peppers, eggplants, tomatillos, dwarf blueberries, cucumbers, summer squash, zucchini, bush-type winter squash.

10 to 15 gallon minimum:

full-size tomatoes, winter squash, pumpkins, melons, artichokes.

20 to 30 gallon:

figs, goji berries,

30 gallon minimum:

evergreen, or small shade tree.


_Main reason is...excess irrigation water can escape out the bottom of the pot rather than saturate the soil and cause root rot and other issues.
_Ample drainage is necessary for any pot you use.
_It is better to have one or two large holes than a bunch of little ones. 1/2 inch to 1 inch in diameter is best.....small holes can become clogged.
_if a pot does not have a hole, make one yourself.
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[*] posted on 2.10.2019 at 08:47 PM
Container Gardening part two

Right kind of container
Right potting mix
Right location

Let's talk about the RIGHT potting mix.

Before selecting a particular potting mix, spend some time reading the label

All good quality potting mixes share the following characteristics.
_they're well draining
_easy to handle

But there also a wide variety of potting mixes.
a potting mix that specializes as a SEED STARTER.
potting mix for flowers.
a mix for vegetables.
another mix for cactuses or ORCHIDS.
and etc. and etc. and etc.

BUT for most container gardens....the best is a general, all purpose potting mix.

Just make sure you read the label and the mix is not too specialize.


_do not use mixes that smell bad
_don't purchase bags of potting soil that contain sprouting seeds, moss, or mold.
_do not use mixes that contain top soil (weeds and/or pathogens might be there)

Worth noting:

POTTING SOIL is NOT the same as "garden soil" or "topsoil" or "mushroom manure" or "peat mix" or "manure soil" or other bagged products you may find at your garden store.
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