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Author: Subject: MtmM_the story teller
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[*] posted on 9.22.2011 at 01:30 PM
MtmM_the story teller

22nd of September, the year 2011
Thursday Morning, 10:20 am

first story Journal....El Gordo

I drove up to his shop near the corner of Las Vegas Blvd and Cheyenne. As I step out of my car two large shop garage size doors are open with cars hoisted up on lifts. I walked up to one entrance and spoke.
"Can anyone help me?"

One big man about my height with a round friendly face turned around and approached me.
"May I help you sir?"

Yes, I said, I've talked to one of your mechanics this morning on the phone about the transmission in my car.

he said, "Yeah, that was me name is El Gordo"

side note: Gordo in Spanish means "Fat" or "Big" or "Thick" everyday usage it could also mean "the big fish or big cheese"
at this point I've gained the understanding.

I went on to discuss the symptoms of my car's behavior which began a few days earlier. He explained what was happening and quoted me a price. I agreed to the quote and left me car keys.
Before coming here to his transmission shop I've talked to another authority on car and diesel engines. The mechanic where I work.
The past few months I watched this man pull a transmission from a diesel truck (18 wheeler) and put a re-built one in....tear two large diesel engines apart and put it back together again. And numerous other tasks that bogles the mind. And he's pretty decent with car engines too! Every driver here asks for advice concerning their autos. (including me!) With more than 20 years experience he's by far our local authority. And the best part, he won't bullsh't you either....if he doesn't know, he knows who do!
If he had the time...he can do it for a lesser price. ( he did my brakes for 50 bucks and I picked up the parts once he informed me what to get.)

Anyway....back to El Gordo....he was highly recommended by our local shop mechanic and another customer. A driver like myself. His General Motors full size Van was in the shop two weeks ago. It had NO reverse and only the 3rd gear worked! :wow:

Facing facts....transmission re-building is not cheap. Parts alone costs about 800 dollars. And that's not including labor and mark ups. And my car has 148,000 miles on it and built in 1998. And the cost can range from 1,200 dollars to 3,000 dollars.
Well, that blew a BIG hole in my emergency savings account!
So far the cost is around $1,400....and I need a new engine mount...another 100 bucks. Dayum!
The whole thing will be finished and ready tomorrow morning.

2nd story......The ride on the city bus here in Las Vegas

After signing paperwork at the shop, the bus stop is just 100 feet away. So with my back-pack from work in toll I head on over there. This is my first time in years since I rode a city bus. So I had questions....luckily a woman who spoke broken English and Spanish answered them. She from Guatemala I've learned.
A young black woman (early 20's my guess) had the same questions...she's new in town.
Along the way I've talked to two different bus drivers, a man in a electric wheel chair, a young hispanic man with back pain. And another young black woman who couldn't detached the cell phone from her ear. (youth now days)
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[*] posted on 9.27.2011 at 11:28 AM
ex-wife pleas

Hey Journal,

I received a voice mail on my cell phone a few days was my former 2nd wife with whom we had five kids together.

In short, she stated her marriage is in trouble due to money problems....arguments over money would be a better and more accurate statement.

After some thought it occurred to me that these "arguments" over money was due to the termination of child support by the State of Oregon. You see Journal,

I, JrHagler, have fulfilled my financial obligation concerning our children who are NOW are legal adults. And the child support agency agrees.
My former wife and her husband have gotten used to my bi-weekly checks.
Now there's no more and the "Well has dried up!"
And tension between the two has gone up a few notches.

You knew money was a priority to him when you married him I said.....she admits that!
"I love him but he doesn't love me" she said.

Sorry to hear that, I said. But I can't help you!

and in a calm voice I said....."Good Luck and Good Bye!"
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[*] posted on 10.3.2011 at 09:06 PM

October 3rd, 2011...Monday

Hey Journal,
Thunderstorms rolled through this afternoon thus breaking the string of 100 degree temperatures. Fall season has finally arrived with 40 mph winds, purple clouds, and a inch of rain.
This brings a welcomed 20 degree drop. And another storm coming from the west in another day and a half (Pacific Ocean) will seal the deal.

The transmission in my car is acting up again. So I returned the vehicle to the mechanic. This is proving to be quite frustrating. Las Vegas was built with cars in mind.

I went to a Toyota car dealership five days's been years since I purchase a new or near new car. My intent was.......hell, I don't even remember!
My final answer was "NO!"

All I know is after they verify that I've been employed with the same employer for 3 years.
Lived at the same address for 3 years
More than enough income to cover the monthly payment.
My debt to income ratio is....100 percent!
In other words, no outstanding loans.
And that's the problem......No loans for over 7 years
No credit cards, no personal loans, no loans of any type.
_and that makes me an unknown entity

I did do my homework on this very subject prior to applying.
With the help of Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion (credit reporting agencies) I've learned I'm considered a high risk....thus my interest rate for used cars should be between 15 and 18 percent. (Ouch!)
The problem came when the dealer presented his paperwork.
With a 21.9 percent interest rate.

My reply was the interest rate was too high and should be 16 percent. They began to argue their point.
After a couple of minutes I said,
Gentlemen, I need 24 hours to think about this. I'll give you my decision tomorrow.
I've walked out without signing any contract.
Next day I did call the salesman and decline the offer.

But there is light at the end of this tunnel

With the help of Google.....I've looked up car auctions in Nevada. Or more like car auctions in general.
I found that I as a consumer could purchase a 2008 Volvo V70 SUV for 7,000 dollars.....:wow:
It's an auction.....and if I win the bid have the car transported for another 1,400 dollars. 65,000 miles as reported by Carfax.
Many of these cars are available.

Month of March will be a good time for bidding for the right car for me.
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[*] posted on 10.8.2011 at 03:53 PM
Everyday I'm Shuf-fullin''

October 8th, 2011 Saturday, 1:10 pm

hey Journal,

This past Wednesday morning I made a phone to my mechanic. He stated the car will be ready in an half an hour. Great I said. See you soon.
At 10:30 am I was on the city bus....but along the way I stop at "Lucky's casino"
It was there I am to meet my first date.....we greeted each other and proceeded to the restaurant. 60 minutes later I informed my date that I had to leave. She's a good woman but her hand's were full for the time being by her two sons. (17 and 18 yo) ....the older one is in jail.
Just the same, I listened intently.
Would I see her again.......we'll see.

Jumped out into the city street and headed to the bus stop. Bus arrives 10 minutes later and off to the mechanic's to pick up my car.
Upon arrival to the garage everyone was sitting down having lunch....I assumed (wrongly) that the auto was ready, afterall the phone call took place over 2 hours ago. was not ready. I informed the owner that I was told the car will be ready....I had to go to work.
30 minutes he says....
Okay, I'll wait and two guys got started on the car.
30 minutes became 45
45 minutes became 60
then I call my boss
I'll be about an hour late, I said.
An Hour! was his response.
Yeah I said, my car is being held least another 30 minutes.

An hour later I arrive to work


I'll pick up 10,000 gallons of diesel fuel from Kinder-Morgan then head North for 385 miles to Wells, Nevada.
It's an over-nighter. Company pays for the hotel and a meal.
But mother nature had plans of her own.
Two and a half hours into the trip I encounter a rain storm....or should I say horizontal rain with the help of 40 plus mph wind.
90 minutes later I encountered snow.
Because by now the elevation is greater than 6,000 feet and its the same storm.
By the time I reach my first major stop a foot of snow lay on the ground and its 1:00 am...
Called it quits for the night and checked into the hotel room.

It's funny under weather that is dry and normal....every vehicle on the road tries their best to pass me up.
But under these bad weather conditions......I become the default vehicle to follow. As if I know what I'm doing no doubt!
Yes, I'm a profession driver of extra large vehicles....that's one big whoop!

next day......I discover something weird about the street/highway signs.


When I first entered Ely, sign says that Wells, Nevada (my destination) is 124 miles away.
Okay, I thought!
6 miles later another highway sign says the same thing...Wells, Nevada....124 miles away.
But what really caught my attention was when I traveled to another town, McGill, Nevada....and this town is 13 miles further down the road. The same directional sign get this Journal.
124 miles to Wells, Nevada

Was the highway worker who place these signs tweekin"???
Or have I entered the "Twi-Light Zone" where my destination will always be 124 miles away???


Wells, Nevada ended up being 134 miles from Ely, Nevada.....where Nevada state highway 93 and Interstate 80 crosses each other.

life is an adventure.....
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[*] posted on 10.13.2011 at 12:53 PM
On the Prowl

October 13th, 2001...Thursday

A week ago I decided to go hunting..."on the prowl" as my room mate describes it.
Hunting for a woman whom I can have sex with. I recognize my body needs it and my hormones is elevated. I engaged in conversations with several women. Had three dates lined up.

The first one I had to drop because of a bad sore throat and no transportation (refer to last couple of blogs)...I did tell her what was going on and I'll get back to her.

The second one after my problems were cleared up was......kinda off center!
For some reason she wanted to expose her personal history..for the past 4 decades!
So I listened.....I shoulda said, "STOP!"

In short, she wanted to get away from her mother and home she married the first guy that showed interest in her. He was in the Air Force and off they went.
She didn't love him or even liked him for that didn't matter....she was away from her "bad situation".
She ended up committing adultery with another a divorce and married the other man.
Had 3 kids......some years later had another divorce.
Got married for the 3rd time....lasted several years....ended bitterly and spent the last two years in litigation (lawyers and courts)

So here we are, walking around in the park with a lake nearby, its early evening....a romantic setting....and all this woman can talk about is all the negative things that happened in her life.

3rd woman:
The next day,
We met at "Sam's Town Casino and Hotel"....after chatting on the computer.
There a large garden/park like atmosphere in the middle of this casino....this Casino is at least ten stories high with an acre of open land in the middle. Very beautiful and romantic....we met by the park bench and talked for awhile....then a water show with music began and we both went to see the action. After the 15 minute show we sat at the bar and had two cokes.
An hour later we were in room #741 sharing a bed.

I was on the prowl.....but I'm not sure who was the prey!
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[*] posted on 10.14.2011 at 02:49 PM

October 14th, 2011....Friday

Hey Journal,

At 3:30 am this morning I arrived home from a nights work....kicked off the ol' boots in the garage and shed my clothes from my body along the way.
A quick hot shower followed by Pinot Noir (type of red wine) did the trick.
Today is Payday and so I whipped out the laptop to see the results. Once the numbers check out I transfer a couple of hundred to my now 21 yo son who is working and going to school. He gets his Associates Degree this February. Then he'll transfer to one of Oregon's state universities this coming fall. There are two good engineering schools in the state that are highly recognized.
On the laptop is my second project, my 18 yo son who started college past fall. I'd transferred a couple of hundred to his account also. I still amazed what I can do with this technology, moving money around in a matter of seconds.

Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.....was the 3 things I put great emphasis on my 5 children. I still remember when they come home with their spelling tests. The teacher would have them learn 10 words each week. I sit them down and have them write each word 3 times. Then I give them a test. I repeat the same thing the next night....and by the third night, they'll be able to spell each correctly.

This drive for education for my children began when I was a child. You must understand Journal my education happened during the late 1950's, 60's, and early 70's.
The one comment that bugged me the most during this time was whites were superior in education to negroes. Remember, this was the language used during this period of time. I walk into a music room at my middle school and they have pictures of great music artists....Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, etc. They were all white....."Where were the black music artists?" I thought!
Count Basse? Louie Armstrong? Lou Rawls? Jimmy Smith? ....I've seen many white folk tapping their feet to their tunes.
My thoughts as a 13 yo.....

The biggest shock came when I sat down and read "Brown vs. the Board of Education" in high school.
States, in general, was NOT obligated to teach negroes past the 6th grade.....many of them didn't even bother teaching past the 3rd grade. The important thing for the states was to teach negroes to the level between 3 and 6 grades...then put them to work. Mainly in jobs that were labor intensive and offer low pay and need supervision.

Damn me to hell if I allow any of my children to have anything less than a high school diploma.....and I mean it!
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[*] posted on 10.18.2011 at 12:49 PM

October 18th, 2001...Tuesday

Four doors down Journal,
A house has just been foreclosed
A family with 5 kids have moved out days earlier
A rental size large truck with an open top pulls up with four men
Tools in hand and a set of keys they begin their work
They empty out the house, including trash and appliances
clean up the landscape around the house
At the end of the day they have a load full of junk
Two of them hop into the truck
the remaining two hop into a car.
A few minutes later me and another neighbor
walked up and noticed a sign inside the garage window.
This property is now bank owned.

But it doesn't stop there...
another crew shows up the next day
with two different trucks
landscape crew
Trim the trees
removed the grass
lay down colorful gravel
a desert landscape look

next day, another crew arrives
working on the outside of the house
painting, repairing, and just general fixing up

Then the next four days
a inside crew
painting, repairing, and putting in cabinets and appliances
now the house looks almost new and is ready for rent or
We'll see how long it'll stay empty.

next thought

Primm, Nevada sits just on this of the California/Nevada state lines. Approximately 42 miles from Las Vegas and Interstate 15 being the main highway. On both sides of the highway you have two casinos and hotels. Buffalo Bills on the east side and Whiskey Pete's on the west side.
Tonight I'm on the west side dropping fuel at 2:30 in the morning. The usual fare of truckers and travelers going about their business.
A woman approaches from the direction of the highway and she's dress in military garb and carrying a red plastic gas can.

Excuse me sir, she says: Can you give me ride to Las Vegas?
Sorry Ma'am, I'm not allowed to do that! I said.
You see, I'm hauling hazardous (gasoline) and if caught...I'll get hung out to dry!
I don't understand, she says
Well, my hands are tied! I said.

She needed gas so I gave her my last 3 bucks in my wallet.
Do you think this will be enough to get me to Las Vegas?
My reply, half-a-gallon and at least 45 miles to the hotel/casino you want to go to?
What do you think?

We converse for another few minutes and more we talked, the more things didn't add 2 plus 2 equal to 3!
I didn't truly understand what she was doing out here at 2:30 in the I left it alone and finished out my work.

She moved on to purchase her fuel and returned.
Hey, you want to go out on a date...I'm hungry!
I smiled and said..... Sorry, my work is time sensitive.
Maybe next time.

nEXt sUbjEct

My room mate is recovering rather well from the cancer surgery he had a week ago. The cancer was successfully removed from the surface of his right lung. (treatable) If the cancer have reached within his lung then he would have been toast. But it was discovered early enough.
Now comes the chemo-therapy....but the two main doctors in charge are still discussing which direction to go.
The options will be discuss tomorrow at his appointment.
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[*] posted on 10.21.2011 at 02:04 PM

October 21th, 2011...Friday
11:46 am

hey Journal,

Just some random thoughts today.....I've sign on my computer this morning and checked my e-mail.
This one particular e-mail was from my bank and it stated:

Attention: Your account has been suspended due to multiple internet attacks. Also your ATM privileges.
To correct this problem please click on this blue highlighted web address and re-set your password.

:ummm: After some thought I'd deleted this e-mail

Re-booted my computer and scanned for viruses......all Okay so far. Then I signed on to my computer, went to my bank's web site. And signed on successfully........ALL CLEAR!

I'll change my password next week
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[*] posted on 10.23.2011 at 03:03 PM
Dating a married woman

October 23rd, 2011....Sunday Morning

It's two weeks after we met Journal and we're still going for it. But I still have my doubts.
According to her:
She left her husband of 27 years this past February in Texas....both mutually agreed on the separation and she moved her belongings to a storage locker and off she went....she visited several Western states before settling in Las Vegas, Nevada. She do have a sister here in town where she stays now.

I usually don't date married women, but she did tell me after a few times we spent time in bed together.
"Have you filed for divorce?" one of my questions
Well......No......but I plan to later this year, was her answer.
That's when she told me her story.
I didn't know what to make of I left it alone for now.
I've heard stories of marriage dying where one of the symptoms is lack of sex. (my last marriage ended that way)
So how long has it been since you had sex?
My husband, was her answer, three years ago.
So, I am your booty call then?
she smiled.
Well, right? I said smiling
Yeah, its more like lust...she replied.
I can accept that!
after a few seconds...she rolled right on top of me.

2nd Story

I was scanning this dating internet site when I came across a bio by one be perfectly honest Journal, I didn't read the whole bio....but then again, do I need to?

6 comments that stood out:

I put God first in my life.

hey Journal, somebody having a hard time....I consider myself lucky.
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[*] posted on 10.25.2011 at 04:38 PM

October 25th, 2011...Tuesday Afternoon

Went for a walk this morning after 4 hours of sleep....couldn't sleep any more this morning.
Made it to my local Denny's restaurant (a mile away) picked up a newspaper and ordered breakfast.

President Obama visited Las Vegas yesterday and witness his landing at the airport around 12 noon on television. The newly elected Mayor made it her point to get in the President's face. A photo op for her. And President Obama gave a speech at the Bellagio on the strip. The admission price was a little steep for me....but then again, most campaigns are. His subject: The housing crisis. And the unveiling of a new program for homeowners that are currently up-side-down. (owe more than what the house is worth) and usually 40 to 70 percent more.
He did visit one of the neighborhoods on the East side of the city. And I did read the highlights of this program in the local newspaper this morning.
If you haven't already notice Journal: A lot of things now days is getting done by Executive Order.
Congress is tied up by special interests, a code word for those who sponsored their campaign.
So he's going out on his own and ordering governments departments to change the rules. As President he can do that!

I for one applaud his the meantime a significant number of congressman are saying "NO" to anything that helps Joe Citizen and getting paid for doing it.
It's Safe and Politically Smart!

My neighborhood....

Stepping out of my home I can see a "for sale" sign on my immediate right.
Step out of the cu-de-sac and I see 3 more "for sale" signs.
Make a right turn and walk two blocks and see two "for rent" signs. And I'm only walking in one direction.

The process goes like my understanding.

House gets foreclosed and family moves out.
Bank takes over house and clears the paperwork/title.
Bank hires real estate agent to sell house.
House gets sold to investor for cash
Investor puts five to ten thousand dollars in repairs/up-grades.
Puts house back on the market
After several months investor puts house up "for rent" to create positive cash flow. (nobody buying, so rent!)
Some houses do rent but for not long (6 months to a year) while others lay empty.
In the meantime, there are a few empty houses in the neighborhood.

listened to the Texas Rangers vs. St. Louis Cardinals on radio last night while at work. One of the better games I ever heard.

Kim Kardasian got "Booed" when she entered one the night clubs on the strip......the incident made the "highlights" in the local newspaper.

until next time Journal...this is my day off
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[*] posted on 11.2.2011 at 07:06 AM
Job Description for the North Dakota Oilfields


Responsible to work as a Truck Driver in the oilfield of the Williston Basin, primarily driving within 100 miles of the Killdeer, ND. Will be hauling both fresh water and salt water. Must have a CDL Class A driver''s license with clear driving record with tanker endorsement. Working 60-80 hours per week.
Need to be flexible to work either a day or night shift. Must be able to drive in adverse weather and road conditions with the ability to "chain up" the tires as needed. Will be subject to pre-employment and random drug testing. Living quarters are available and will be discussed at the time of the interview. Salary is $22/hr. Time and a half over 40.

This and other job opportunities I am currently thinking hard about....I have worked in adverse weather conditions and road conditions in Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, and Afghanistan. have 4 years experience chaining up trucks, currently working nights no change there. CDL with all the endorsements.
Working 60 plus that now.....most I've worked consistently/week. 110 hours plus.
Yeap, its eat....sleep.....and work!
Been there and done that!

It's a oil boom town job......Williston, North Dakota
and they need truck drivers! Actually the town needs all kinds of skilled workers. If you're willing to brave the winter there and modest living accommodations.
Television station NBC had a 20 minute segment on this very subject 4 days ago....

The main reason I'm considering this is two, I have two young adults going to college...and they need my financial support.
Two....this will jump-start my retirement fund!
only one debt!...and its $3,890.00
rest is just living expenses
not married or in a relationship

I have the experience....and most of all I have a clue!

12 to 14 hour days
time and a half after 40

This is my 3rd and main reason!

I'll give them a call Journal
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[*] posted on 11.3.2011 at 06:24 PM
being nosey on NY_writer blog


she writes,

my thoughts have finally over-sized my brain;

my comment:

If you feel overwhelmed by too many thoughts.

Try being still and breathe deeply, slowly
let your thoughts run their course
become a watcher
watch your thoughts while being still
don't try to stop your thoughts from flowing
be still
breathe deeply
breathe slowly through your nose
and in awhile
your thoughts will drop off one by one

do this once every morning and once every evening
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[*] posted on 11.7.2011 at 08:20 AM

Seventh of November, two thousand and eleven, early Monday Morning, five A.M.

Three days ago I finally had a talk with my girlfriend...I no longer wanted to carry on a relationship with a married woman. The whole thing lasted three weeks....but there's no future in this type of relationship. Unless I see an official divorce decree. Until was nice while it lasted.

She called yesterday.....she wanted to know if I'm available for a booty call. {smiling), I'm not honey, sorry!

next subject

Since Spunky passed away, the Yorkshire Terrier(dog) (Yorkie)....Sampson, the American short haired cat, has pretty much the run of the place. And he has been inviting some of his friends over via the pet door that goes to the back yard.
Yeap, and they help themselves to his food.
Not a good idea!
there's the golden one,
a brown short haired one,
a shaggy hair black one,
and a young looking white one
and they are all STEALTHY

One evening I was watching television when I heard crunching sounds coming from the laundry room (that's where we keep the cat food and water)
Sampson, the cat, is sitting ten feet from me and I hear crunching sounds?!?

I walk to the laundry room...Yeap, the brown one come flying right by me. And out the door he goes.
This happened for awhile during the day and night!
Finally we put a stop to it.
During the day, the laundry room remains closed, Sampson let us know when he wants to eat....we let him in, he'll eat and when he finishes, close the door.
Shut the trap door.
We know its working, at night you can hear them tapping on the trap door!
Let me in, Let me in!

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[*] posted on 11.11.2011 at 10:52 AM

Friday, 11th of November, 2011 or 11/11/11

Good Morning Journal

Just returned from the local restaurant....had biscuits and gravy with a scrambled egg. Chased down with a hot cup of Joe.
Reading the local newspaper about the Penn State's mess.

A couple of things troubled me....No, Not the obvious Journal. let me explain....

The Chain of Command

In the year 2002, then a student of Coach Paterno witness a horrific act between a ten year old boy and a grown man.

The student graduate informed the head coach...
The head Coach informed the Athletic Director and the University President.
A matter of this importance would have reached the Board of Trustees.....after all, the President IS OBLIGATED to informed the Board, or at least a few of them, per their own rules. And nearly all presidents do have a close relationship with the Board of Trustees of a large University.

Now here's the frightening part......what if the Board said, "Shut-Up! or "We'll handle it!" and/or "Don't notify the authorities!"

"Am I being paranoid?"

another subject......

Decisions, Decisions......this is a major one...and it comprises a few parts.

Yeap involves money

I have three young adults....who want my financial support in their attempt in gaining a higher education.
The young one asked my last night when she found out that she'll receive a $10,000/year scholarship. That's the good news!
The bad news, the University that offered it costs $16,000/year to attend.
_That's what I call a clear definition of "Catch-22"

Not to mention.....the other two who are NOW attending....both receive scholarships and financial aid that covers books and tuition....but not everyday expenses.

As for me.....I'm saving for retirement, but not enough. I don't expect the stock market to bail me out(this isn't the 1990's) and in truth, the stock market has been negative this past decade.

So I have a few options:

I could be a selfish Baztard and say....sorry, you're on your own.

I could contribute little to all three, but not enough!

I could sacrifice my retirement and provide for all three.


Or.....and I'm thinking seriously about it!

Go to Killdeer, North Dakota....and earn at least 200 dollars more per week.
The main difference the way I see I know I'll earn that and more in Killdeer, N.D.
In Las Vegas, its doubtful due to current circumstances.
At least in Killdeer, I CAN contribute heavily to my retirement and help my 3 adult children in college. (18 to 21)
Yeap, 12 hour days of work, 6 or 7 days a week....YEAP, just like Afghanistan in 2003-4. (working in mine fields not included this time)
And it does appeal to my sense of adventure to a new place, meeting new people.
yeah, Right....population is less than 800....not counting the pets/farm animals.
This is what I've been wrestling with the past week. My decision will come very soon.

later Journal
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November eighteenth, two thousand and eleven
Nine thirty seven in the morning

Hello Journal

Just got a call from one of my daughters....she reported that her sister graduated from basic training in the US Navy.
Dayum....two daughters successfully made it in the US Marines and the US Navy.
Time to break out my cigar!

next subject

Arriving to work a few days ago I walk up to the dispatcher's window. This is where we get our assignments. After I received the paperwork I turn around and noticed one of my co-workers. Another driver yell out:
"Hey, what happened to your eye?"

His response: "I fell down!"

my response to the answer: "Yeah, my sister-in-law said the same thing".
Then I left it alone after that.

This man's left eye was purple around the socket and swollen. In fact, his whole left side of his face was swollen. His incident happened two days earlier.

A few days later he told me (his version)
Got into a argument that became physical with his mother-in-laws boyfriend.
What was the argument was over?


His hard earned money going from his bank account to his wife hands to his wife's mother and her boyfriend.
To the tune of $12,000 in 8 months. His dream of purchasing a home for him and his wife and kids just went out the window. Now he's broke....starting from zero.

It didn't surprise me for one simple reason.......culture!
He's a white American male who married a daughter of a Mexican national. When he married her, he really married the whole family. At least that's my understanding. And of course, mother-in-law and boyfriend are unemployed.

Least to say, the police was called and he landed in jail. He also opened a separate account where his paycheck will be directly deposited. Thus, 100% control by him and him only. And a few days after the incident, living in a motel room.

I say this Journal because I know another man from Panama....he's married with a couple of children. Plus the wife parents living with them, and another sibling who has a mate and their children.......all in one household.
He just purchased a foreclosed home a few months ago...6 bedroom/3 bath house with front-back yards.
......and talk about stress being the only bread winner!

next story

I made some phone calls and e-mails to North Dakota Oil fields employers. Got the ball rolling!
We'll see Journal
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