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Author: Subject: Board Rules (Fully Enforced beginning May 1)
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[*] posted on 4.8.2009 at 10:24 PM
Board Rules (Fully Enforced beginning May 1)

Note: Please make sure you actually read these rules as they will be enforced. All avatars and signatures must be in compliance by May 1 or they will be removed.

Cocoa Lounge Newbies

You must post a new thread introducing yourself in the Roll Call forum before you post anywhere else on this board. Not following this basic rule will get your account deleted.

You must be 18 years or older to join this forum.If you are under 18, thanks for stopping by and see you in a couple of years.

If you still haven't posted 10 days after your registration date you will be deleted. Don't waste my time or yours joining this forum if you don't intend to actually post and contribute.

Do not think you can promote your products here and then bounce.Your account and your thread will be deleted. Spam is not allowed

Avatars and Signatures:

Your avatar cannot exceed 150x150 pixels.

Images are not allowed in sigs.

Websites are not allowed in sigs.

Do not join this forum and spam our members with links to your site.You will be banned if you do so.

Keep signatures to 5 lines or less.

No font above size 3 is allowed in signatures.

No unprovoked personal attacks or rude comments may be posted in signatures.

Your avatar and signature must not be too distracting or reduce the quality of the board's appearance.

Do not use music or music videos in your signatures.No one wants to listen to your favorite song while reading a thread.

No, you cannot promote your forum here. No links to your boring up and coming forum will be allowed in your sigs

No anti Cocoa Lounge sites are allowed anywhere on the forum. Not in your sig, profile... NOWHERE.You not gonna talk sh!t about us and promote your site at the same time... silly rabbit.

Posting Guidelines:

English only please. Our staff is not equipped to moderate a board in any language other than English.

No unprovoked personal attacks. Any posts deemed offensive by the staff will be removed.

Use of the so-called N-Word is strictly prohibited on this forum.

Don't post porn (or links to porn sites), slander, or any other things that can be seen as offensive. Posting porn will get you automatically banned.

Don't post links to warez sites, illegal music downloads or any site that offers free downloads of things you know you should be paying for.We will not be booted offline so you can get your freebie on.

Do not revive threads that have not been posted in for 30 days.This is not up for debate.

Do NoT pOsT lIkE tHiS... iT iS a PaIn In ThE bUtT.

All news articles should be posted with a a source link to prove their validity. Articles without links will be deleted.

The Cocoa Lounge staff reserves the right to delete and or remove threads at it's discretion.

No illegal discussions of the trading, and or selling of copyrighted materials.

Please respect other people's beliefs, no matter how different they are from your own.

Posting content from Media Takeout is expressly forbidden.

Messenger Rules and Guidelines:

U2U Messages are not private on XMB, Phpbb, Vbulletin or most other forum software.

Your messages however are private here because the staff does not choose to read them. This does not however mean you may use this system to partake in illegal activities.

Joining this forum and spamming members via the messenger system with your links, porn or anything illegal will result in an automatic ban.

The Staff:

Please respect the board staff at all times.They are not allowed to disrespect you, so we ask that you extend the same courtesy to them.

Bad mouthing the board owners will get your ass banned so fast your head will spin. Don't like our style...just leave.

Please do not contact staff concerning issues with posting, sigs, avatars and so forth. All such inquiries should be posted in the FAQ forum.

Do not ask if you can be on staff.If we require new staff members we will privately seek them.

Banning Procedures:

You will get 1 warning for inappropriate behavior then banning procedures will take place as follows.
1st time -14 days
2nd 1 month
3rd 3 months
4th Three strikes you're out.

This is a Privately Owned forum
This forum is not a Black Voices, BET or Black Planet.This forum is fully moderated by it's owners and the staff.We will not tolerate disruptive behavior and all trolls will be banned on the spot.

Last but not least, we reserve the right to kick you out whenever we see fit. Don't whine, complain or rejoin because we will just kick you out again.Get over it... move on.

Now, if you can handle these rules please step inside and Introduce yourself. We really are a nice group of people... we just hate stupidity.
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