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Author: Subject: It's Been A Bad 24 hrs.
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[*] posted on 6.27.2007 at 08:45 PM

Blueboy, judging by your registration date it is obvious you don't know me so I'm gonna fill you in right quick. This is my board ok. I own it, pay the eighty bucks a month it costs to keep it online and I don't take ish from nobody. Please check the rules and realize that it will be two cold days in hell when I allow you or anyone to talk trash about me on my own site. It's gonna look real bad that AF got back in (THANKS TO ME) but you on the other hand will meet the fate you THOUGHT she had.

You have just gotten your one and only warning from me. Your next snotty comment will get you banned. And contrary to what you think, no one will care.
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[*] posted on 6.28.2007 at 09:32 PM
To Jeneen

Iím sure this wonít stay up long Ďcause thatís how things are done around here.

Anyway, in light of the fact that you obviously donít know me either, Iíll inform you that I think youíll find I donít respond well to threats. You want to stamp my screen-name ďbanĒ, yo, go ahead, help yourself.

And as for ďno one will careĒ. Hell, Iíll go even further and say that Iím sure thereíll be some whoíll celebrate since I was the one who put their sorry full of sh*t asses in check and exposed them for who they really are. Still, and hereís a news-flash for yaí baby-girl, Iím not one whose life is so that they need to get self-validation from a damn internet message-board (even though, to tell the truth; just from know how, I can still come here and post whatever I want anytime I feel like, ban or no ban).

Although Iíll give respect to house-rules (it wouldnít be any reason to register if I didnít intend to in the first place), Iím also not one whoíll kowtow to message-board oligarchies or caters to forum-cliques. Never happened, never will. That ďplay along to get alongĒ b***s*** ainít me. I donít kiss ass in the real world, I definitely ainít gonna do it in cyber-space. Thatís why I always say what I mean and mean what I say and donít give a sh*t who likes it or not.

Now I recognize the fact that its your house, so I donít need you to tell me what you did to build it and keep it. However, when it comes to stating an honest opinion about something, there shouldnít be censorship of any kind as long as itís done respectfully. I didnít accuse you or anyone of anything. And that damn-sure wasnít out of fear. Besides the fact that I have a strong sense of right and wrong and not to accuse anyone until they're proven guilty, it was because I have enough common sense to get as much details as possible and weigh the facts before saying either or. And, believe me, whatever conclusion I come to Iíll come straight out and say it. Thatís why whenever I mention someoneís name, I always use bold type to make it clear who Iím talking to or talking about. No one ever have to second guess where Iím coming from . . . or who Iím referring to. Thatís how I live.

I just didnít care for the way that Ancient Flower incident was handled, I spoke on it and I can care less whether you or whoever else likes it or not.

Now, that being said, f*** you and your warning.

Bye yíall.

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[*] posted on 6.29.2007 at 10:50 AM

can we have some peace up in here...Blue, i do appreciate you lookin out...but please dont get banned on my account!

all this is just not cool...

i dont know what to say really to you or Jeneen...

well, i will say this, this being a Black messageboard where we can come and debate the issues, it would be nice if we could keep things civil between us bredren and sistren and come to some positive ground reguardless if we disagree with what is being debated...Black folk, we should stick together and look out for one another...i enjoy comming here and reading posts that i agree with AND disagree with because we can all learn from debates and disagreements.

So with saying that, i will say peace and wisdom to both Jeneen and Blue!!!

c'mon yall, lets please get along and move forward from all this...


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