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Please Someone....Help Me..
novagirl67 - 5.17.2009 at 08:42 PM

I am soooo tired of feeling stupid and feeling like I'm being walked all over on. And I don't know what to do. The story is: My dad died last yr in a bad accident on the job. I am the beneficiary to everything he owns. I've decided to let my stepmom stay with me since she has raised me since I was 2 and she is the only person I trust. I've been left with a lot of money and she has helped with thee financial stuff. However, her biggest mistake was meeting a man who has made our...MY life a living hell! He has stolen money from her (technically me) he has stolen her car (technically my car) and he has put his hands on her. When i say technically i mean that its MY money. So whatever she buys or what not, its from MY MONEY! She has broken up with him, but yet given him numerous amounts of time to change. Point blank is he never will. A week ago was suppose to be "the last straw" yet he is in my house today and she says its supposedly because they need to talk because his wife (YESS HIS wife) is trying to sue her for god knows what...this may sound like a rhetorical question, but what should i do? I love her so much and i don't wanna throw her out. I am only 18 and need help with things..should i give her an ultimatum? I'm getting tired of feeling stupid. My boyfriend has been by my side and is getting tired of watching me hurt because of the decisions that she has made letting the man back in her life....and she's the stupid one! She is a grown woman for christ sakes! i mean what the hell!!! im pissed, hurt, and i feel stupid all at the same time! advice please!