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YT people R slowly getting it.
BMFRU2 - 10.14.2017 at 05:10 PM

"Culture War" is Occult Subversion

October 13, 2017

(If we needed any more proof that society has gone over to the dark side, this
government poster in a Toronto subway promoting gay sexual debauchery is it.
In a society controlled by a satanic cult, sick becomes healthy.)

The European Christian founding peoples of the West
ought to realize they're under relentless psychological,
and physical attack by the Illuminati, a satanic cult that
has covertly assumed control of all important social institutions: government, corporations, media, education, sports,
the "justice" system, police, CIA, FBI, the military, & religion.
Communism did not use armies to invade the West.

"We are being dehumanized and inducted into their pyramid scheme at the lowest level."