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How to eat_Mindfully
JrHagler - 10.10.2017 at 01:40 PM

To cultivate mindfulness, we can do the same things we always do---walking, sitting, working, eating, and so on_with mindful awareness of what we are doing. When we're eating, we know we are eating. When we open a door, we know we're opening a door. Our mind is with our actions.

When you put a piece of fruit into your mouth, all you need is a little bit of mindfulness to be aware: "I am putting a piece of apple in my mouth".
Your mind doesn't need to be somewhere else. If you're thinking of work while you chew, that's not eating mindfully. When you pay attention to the apple, that is mindfulness. Then you can look more deeply and in just a short period of time you will see the apple seed, the beautiful orchard and the sky, the farmer, the picker, and so on. A lot of work is in that apple!