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NBA Player Carmelo Anthony, divorce from team and wife?
JrHagler - 4.20.2017 at 07:24 AM

Here's an article about New York Knick's player and his mis-adventures the past year.


_Currently separated from his current wife.
_His mistress is pregnant, six and a half months, and demands that he'll pay for it! Her occupation: A dancer at a Gentlemen's club. (that's putting it lightly)
_A pre-nupital agreement will limit the financial damage that Carmelo will experience.
_Meanwhile, the manager of the New York Knick's was quoted as saying that Carmelo Anthony will be better off playing for another team/city. Of course, the wife said the same thing!:whistle:
_Carmelo's FINANCIAL NET can look that up in Google.

for the full Monty (article)....go here