Posted Feb 23rd 04:16 PM
By: NY_writer
Message: hey all i'm back

Posted Oct 19th 10:39 AM
By: Lazar
Message: "I wish she was a bitch. I don't care if she's a lovely woman," Trump referring to Condi Rice in 2006.

Posted Aug 19th 04:00 PM
By: Tea_Honey
Message: 8/19/16: There's only one 'hot topics' todays that isn't GIGO (garbage in/garbage out)

Posted Apr 22nd 10:38 PM
By: Tea_Honey
Message: To the 5 of us who have kept this MB alive for the past 5 years w/o the admin opening it up to new blood, have a happy weekend!

Posted Mar 02nd 11:27 AM
By: Splen
Message: Just popping in and hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

Posted Oct 31st 04:09 PM
By: Jpierpont
Message: ah hoy hoy

Posted Jul 21st 11:15 PM
By: Jeneen
Message: Hello everyone. I didn't know how much I loved and missed this place until I almost lost it last night. Thank God for Johnothon again, even after all
these years :)

Posted May 13th 10:08 PM
By: Splen
Message: Pop up to checkup!

Posted Sep 11th 10:10 AM
By: Kamau
Message: and where's the Queen of the house :)...miss u

Posted Sep 10th 09:57 AM
By: NY_writer
Message: good morning cocoalounge

Posted Apr 27th 01:09 AM
By: Tea_Honey
Message: Missed ya, buddy!

Posted Apr 20th 10:49 PM
Message: Yeah baby! I'm BACK!

Posted Mar 24th 06:57 PM
By: southernphoenix
Message: Hey CL! Its been a few years but I havent forgot about my family! Wishing you all a wonderful day!

Posted Mar 14th 06:58 PM
By: NY_writer
Message: i really miss the CL

Posted Nov 28th 07:13 AM
By: Tea_Honey
Message: Happy Thanksgiving!!!