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Here's a list of all current Proctor & Gamble brands.
Russ Ian E. Lection-Hacker [b]CREDIT CUE[/b]
2 weeks ago (edited)
Here's a list of all current Pro ...
2.1.2019 at 10:09 AM
by: BMFRU2
Kamala "Kock Sucking" Harris
So whadda U thinks gonna happen IF she get 2B President?

1st order of business. ALL Black males ...
1.31.2019 at 05:30 PM
by: BMFRU2
3 people can stop the US Government Shut-down
CAN'T live off the government TIT 4ever.:drunk: At some point U GOTTA put back IN more than U take ...
1.27.2019 at 09:48 PM
by: BMFRU2
Kamala Harris returns home to Oakland to make presidential pitch ...
1.27.2019 at 09:42 PM
by: BMFRU2
Black Man Arrested After Helping Drunk Neighbor Home
19 views and NO replies. At least let me know that I'm NOT wasting me time.
12.1.2018 at 03:49 AM
by: BMFRU2
Black Man Arrested After Helping Drunk Neighbor Home

It's making the social media rounds. Well STOP "Cappi ...
11.28.2018 at 05:42 PM
by: BMFRU2
Youth football teams banned from Carroll County league right before playoffs: Is it racism?
Playoffs begin this Saturday, but Rachel Bullock hasnít told her 8-year-old son yet that the youth f ...
10.30.2018 at 11:16 PM
by: BMFRU2
10.19.2018 at 08:00 PM
by: BMFRU2
Asians Open up a Barber Shop in a Black Neighborhood.

[font=Comic Sans MS][color=Brown][size=5][b]THIS [Censored] ...
10.7.2018 at 11:45 PM
by: BMFRU2
Why Prez. Trump chose Kavanaugh for Supreme Court
[quote][i]Originally posted by BrownBomber[/i]
Jr....Listen....The GOP wants to ram this nomination ...
10.7.2018 at 10:12 PM
by: BMFRU2
They wanna use UR money 2 by n2 the pot.
10.7.2018 at 10:07 PM
by: BMFRU2
The Narritive
Sad state of affairs when U throw EDUCATIONS in prison. While letting BABY RAPERS roam free.
9.25.2018 at 04:35 PM
by: BMFRU2
Have that feeling U wabt to PURGE YT people?
[quote][i]Originally posted by NY_writer[/i]
what does yt mean [/quote][b]Short for "white" people. ...
9.25.2018 at 04:31 PM
by: BMFRU2
These COP killing have a purpose
If WE react, THEY get to play THE Victim. YAH is SHOWING THE WORLD the Hypocrisy of YT America. ...
9.7.2018 at 09:48 PM
by: BMFRU2
Not save in your own home.
A Dallas police officer shot and killed an innocent man who she thought was an intruder after finish ...
9.7.2018 at 09:39 PM
by: BMFRU2
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